Wednesdays Product.

Today's Product is cuticura vitamin E hand and nail treatment. This has been my HG of skin care over winter. over the grim some winter we had my hands were so chapped they bled most days i was always wearing gloves could not go anywhere without them. at work i sometimes/all the time get chucked outside to take peoples orders (stupid mcdonalds) in all the snow frost and rain we had for about 5 months we suffered. MY poor hands. they are just getting back to normal now. my hands generally look dirty i don't know why my teacher once told me i had smokers hands.....i do not smoke. im ocd with washing my hands and sanitizing them. any way. i went searching in about November-ish for a good hand cream because i was really suffering as you most probably figured out by now. i ended up in body care the best toiletry shop EVER. and found this it was about £3 im not sure it was a while ago.

The smell is gorgeous aswel so thats a bonus if something that has an awful smell and its going on my hands i will not use it thats how fussy i am.


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  1. I hate having dry hands too! Thanks for posting about this, I'll be checking if we have that here in California.:D

    Have a lovely Wednesday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!


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