Blog Of the Week....sorry its late.

Yes i am sorry its late i was very very bvery busy yday.
Any way

 My first blogger award goes to.......
Eliza- Makeup Junkie

I love her blog Check it out.

Any nominations for next weeks award comment below.

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This Charming Girl!

Omg i was just browsing my emails and i looked :this charming girlis nowfollowing you on twitter so i went  on her twitter she makes jewellery im guessing its a her i was too excited to research before  i post lols. so anywho i went on her site and the stuff is soo cute i think i shall definatly be buying some stuff from her.....check her  out


I have noticed i have reached 20 followers i think im either gonna wait until i have a bit more money to fund a giveaway or wait untill christmas so its like a christmas giveaway :D

Have a nice day.



Blog Of the Week.....Coming Soon.

(This picture has nothing to do with the post i just like the look of the cake Yumm.)

I think im gonna do something on the lines of Blog Of the Week.
Im Gonna do it every Friday. (if i remember fingers crossed)
If any of you fellow bloggers recommend anyblog it could be yours comment below. :)

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Pamper Night.

Okay so basicaly ive been on MAF all night looking at fellow makeup junkies have a pamper night. just to show you here is my picture

yes rather embarrasing have you seen my teeth eww, whitening kit being bought.
i did have to take this mask off it really irritated my skin. :(
so anyway of you havent come across this amazing forum before check it out its FAB the people are so nice and you can always count on some good advice.

Have Fun xXx


Clothes Show Live.

okay...... i wanna go to the clothes show in birmingham soo soo soo much. is anybody going to this.

im thinking about getting the platinum tickets for £37 this includes :Upgrade your ticket to a Platinum Pass to receive all the Standard Ticket benefits PLUS fast track entry with great seats in the Fashion Theatre, and a goody bag and showguide hmm. sound good i think so my dear.

This means saving money up to go shopping.......... excited now!


Review: bare minerals quick change brush cleanser.

I am NOT happy with this product. its only £6 but omg its rubbish and the smell is really..hmm chemicaly if thats the word but you know what i mean. i wanted a brush cleanser that cleans my brushes well inbetween shampooing and drys quickly if i needed the same brush for a look. (does that make sense?) I was just too excited so when i got home i tried this out and it just rubbish it doesnt clean the brush properly and my brushes are still a tiny bit damp. its £6 for 110ml and its rubbish i might try selling it on ebay. its just no good.

Next Review..............MAC's Fix+ Yea.

Until next time

S xXx

very small haul.

okay so today i popped into town and i mean popped i was there for an hour so basicaly half an hour getting there then 1hour shopping then an hour back hehe. i went into boots and got some bodyform  for my free jemma kidd lipglosses. they were only £1 wow. then went into selfridges and got the quick dry bare minerals brushes cleanser and then fix+ from MAC. when i was walking out people were giving free mint areos out so of course i grabbed one :) then i went into superdrug and got the nyc colour wheel in translucent and Gosh Darling i was doing my eyes this morning and thought i needed a nude lipstick and i had to get it. i was finaly ready for it lols. when i first saw it i was just like OMG i dont like it but now obs i do :)

okay so pictures............

okay so i fort id include this to show you how i had my eyes todayomg have you seen my eyebrows. cant wait for payday. i hardly put any eyeliner on today because it looked really good without but it killed me only putting a little bit on and i used liquid liner :o i never use it lols. so anyway here is what i bought today .


S xXx

halloween competition..yes i know im kindof late with it.

its 2 days to go and for some strange reason ive only just seen this. hmm.
okay so hurry up and check this gal out if she gets 13 i think more she will give a 2nd prize away  a sleek palette of YOUR choice so get following.


Good Luck

S xXx


Shopping List!

So i went on E.L.F http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/ and clicked on EVERYTHING. oh yes so next payday £30 is going to elf. i got to £30 so i could get the free shipping. i cannot wait. i took a printscreen at my shopping bag.

woo. so if any of you can give me any idea of how good these items are please tell me if they are bad/good before the 29th (thats the day im buying them)


Happy Blogging.......no okay

S. xXx

Barry M Dazzle Dust.

....I dont actually like them. i have about 8 and i just dont like them the colour pay off is rubbish with or without a base. maybe its just me but compared to some other e/s powders i have its just not that good. im not a BIG fan on Barry M i mean i love his products and all put i think i just have to invest time into the products my sister has a few products ...i think. http://all-that-glitters-and-sparkles.blogspot.com/
i have a blush that i didnt like when i bought it then i started to like it but my little sister pinched it off me so i might have to buy a new one. i have one nail polish that i LOVE. but i have no idea where it is..i think its about time to route through lil sisters room.
so thats really what i wanted to say.
i was going to go to town today to get some more makeup but my dad rang me up saying my sky+ box is available now so i have to pay £50 for that leaving me with £65 left but im going for a meal with my friend tonight so i will have to see what i have left. :( GUTTED. was really looking forward to it.




MAYBE i dont know any suggestions people? would be very helpful.

i was thinking girl about town after my 2nd favourite mac lipstick well my first i actualy dont own but i am getting it next pay day its up the amp eveytime i walk into mac i always ask and they never have it in gawd.
so anyway suggestions would be very helpfull and who knows if i really like the name you suggested i might just go out and buy you a lil somink somink ;)

so please get thinking for me as i am rubbish at making names up

have a nice day

x S



I Want This......................NOW!!!!

The makeup forever aqua eyes collector set but i dont think i want to think about the price, on sephora its $249 im so glad we dont have a sephora or else i'll be skint i've just spent 5 mins on there and already i want to buy EVERYTHING. that calls for it i definatly wish i was american and living over there. they can get soooo  much better make up over there it actualy depresses me.

Hopefully tomorrow i might get to pop into town and go into MAC and buy the volcanic ash thermal mask.ive heard so many goof reviews and everyone is raving about it so i thought i'd give it a try. im sure i will post if i get it.



looks whos building up her brush collection..

its me :) i was just looking at my vanity/draws and i realised how my brushes have grew. i started off with like 3 rubbish brushes now i cant actualy be bothered counting them.

okay i was going to tell you what i use them for but thats oretty obvious really.
the only thing the green brushes i went out when i was going to do my creative looks and bought some artist brushes so i could get a sharp look it kindof worked i use two of the brushes for everyday use i use the thin one for eyeliner i love it the only problem is i have to clean in everytime i use it because if i dont the next time i come to use it it doesnt do its job right. and the other one i either use it to get foundation in those difficult to get to areas or concelor round my nose. and of course i do need to clean my face brushes my eye brushes i spot clean every use because i use different colour almost everyday i could use green one day and pink the next so if i dont clean them i wil have to have the same colours the next day...thats just not me.
okay so thats my brushes so far.


S x


Hair cut...revistited.

okay last one. havent blogged for awhile so im making up for it. any who i have fell in love with http://www.beautyandblogs.blogspot.com/ ( sorry i dont actualy know your name) :) hair it is AMAZING. i want mine like it. the colour of my hair is now a plum colour it was from loreal called plum power i think my sister has the same colour i absolutly love it best colour i have every had in my hair and the smell is gorgeous. and who i really want it cut i had cut a month ago but i was too scared to have the length cut my hair is really long well not so much anymore but it is and to have it cut somewhat short is heartbreaking but i cant actualy do anything with it and my fringe OMG. i will have to take a picture and post it. just so you can get the really picture of my hair. link to the video of her hair is..........here>>>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIFUqpSCQEI <<<<<<<<<<

good night

xxx S.

What i am going to buy next...hmmmm.

Okay so before i say anything i have to say ive decided i DONT like my brow pencil from benifit. im just not happy with it the outcome is pretty rubbish in my opinion. i might go and buy a new one and maybe after a while comeback to it or use a powder instead hmm. will defo have to think about that.

so as i was googling and youtubing i decided to look at different brands of makeup ive just been sticking to MAC and NARS(well NARS not so much) ive been trying to find a Shu Uemura website for the UK but have really found it. so if anyone knows of one comment/email me please.
two items from MAC i really want are
up the amp lipstick and peachykeen blush.
from NARS well i want everything but i think next is
well i was thinking about the primer hmm any thoughts people...
the multiple. i just think that for a highlighter it will be fab and i could use it on my cheeks and lips so i think i HAVE to get it.
me and my sister were orignaly looking at the modern love palette but as im looking im going towards the Douceurs de Paris Palette.
from clinique i need this

i think i do desperatly need it because i really need to even out my skin tone if i can spen £30 on foundation i can on this fab product.

(if any of you have recomendations please let me know)
okay ill post this and comeback to you when i have found more.
i think soo.

Anne Hathaway!!!

Okay so i was pondering around some vlogs and came across this fabulous 15/16year old (have no idea how old she is) and got on to her blog and yes i will leave links at the bottom( i feel like i should make an accronym for that if thats the right word my english is rubbish i was shocked when i passes my gcse lmso atb<<< at the bottom. any way. her first post was just about her new videos coming up and at the bottom was a picture of anne hathaway in alice in wonderland as the white witch and and i love it but her eyebrows do scare me. her lips are amazing-ly RED. love them.
just look she does look amazing does that actualy make any sense hmm.

okay so i said links

check her out her new hair is fab.

Later( i need to comeup with a new goodbye.)



yes i took my time.

Okay posting a new post is coming somewhat of an effort i have no time or patience anymore.
well as my sister said(http://all-that-glitters-and-sparkles.blogspot.com/) we went shopping yesterday to "dress" my brother...he was in much need of a makeover. i was just there for well a day out and to atempt to keep my neice happy but it didnt work nothing makes her love me i even bought her 3 toys and she didnt smile at me. 1 year olds eh? so anyway me and my sister of course went into selfridges and went into MAC and we were not impressed i think ive outgrown the excitement of going in to MAC ive been in so many times and looked at everything its not exciting anymore. so we looked around died walked past the new Tiffanys & Co stall and ended up at NARS oh yes we have a more expencive addiction. ooops. oh well its worth EVERY penny. i bought two eyeshadows tropic and night snow and was tempted to get orgasm blush but wanted to save something to buy today but my sister did buy it and mekong(is that how its spelt?) sooo today i went back and bought 23 brush very much needed and orgasm blush it had to be done. and the mex factors false lash effect mascara and some powder from 17 its shine proof so i thought id give it a whirl :)

look at that wand i love it :)

and i frew in a FOTD i used my two new eyeshadows from NARS tropic and white snow and NARS sheer glow in montblanc and MSF medium +
i look grumpy hehe




Guess who's been shopping???

Okay ill tell you it was ME. of course its payday. wooo. first thing i did after being on a bus for about 40mins full as possible seriously never seen anything like that for a good few years thats the last time i get a bus at half 9 :)

any way i went into MAC straight to the new collections(sorry jen they didnt have any cards) i dont know what to think of it i think im gonna have to spend more time looking at it. i bought highly minted e/s because i need a good green i used a green on my eyes the other day and everyone was like its purple or its blue so i gave up and bought a good green. cant wait to test that out.and it was my first eyeshadow from MAC.

 then i went to NARS i wasnt going to but i only bought one thing in MAC. i bought the sheer glow foundation. and got the tester of the matte one.again my first NARS product. Go me.

 then i went into boots and got harrased by the people at benifit. i seem to always atract them umm. so the woman focused on my cheeks and i fell in love with the cheek tint. gawd i love it, she used the plum mascara and i love it speshly that my hair is purple woo. i was good and only bought the cheek tint but i did book myself for an appointment for my eyebrows they have grown back awful so im having them done next sunday and a free lesson on complexion.

so since she stopped me mid shop i just gave up and paid. i bought a cute little toiltery bag because i like clean hands and in work that doesnt happen much and the soap is awful on my hands so i bought my own and a nail scrub because i can get god knows in my nails eww.

       i went into bodycare, i can buy sooo much in that place and hardly spend anything i love it. i bought lots of cotton wool because i can never have too much. painkillers cause of this stupid wisdom toothand hairgrips. then i also went into tesco to buy some cheap makeup wipes so i can wipe my brushes on and whilst i was there i bought more painkillers theses ones go in my work bag and some babywipes because i always need to clean my hands when im doing my makeup cause i tend to get it EVERYWHERE. so ive talked you to death and now im going to get ready for work have fun :)


S. xXx