funny but true blog

One of the blogs im following posted this yesterday and it is sooo true its unbelievable. things you never thought other people do, they actualy do. lawls so anyway have fun, dont forget to follow this girl.



Big Brother!!!

Well i dont really post anything about bigbrother but im just soo happy Marcus has gone its unbelievable. i hated him so arrogant its untrue. the snide remarks and the minipulating was doing my head in that i just couldnt watch him. and plus his hair reminded me of his. eww! just how frizzy it is. Whilst im on the subject. what is his hair all about at all? its just not happening. he actualy thinks hes a wolf. whats that about? im telling you there are some strange people in this world it puzzles me how people can think like that.

Bea i loved Bea, just how she said what ever she wanted and didnt care about the consequences. yea she needed a slap but doesnt everybody? shes rich, shes a snob, shes fabulous. i love her. it was her time though. i think if marcus and freddie went before her she would of lasted until the last week but be the first out. she just isnt winning material. like rachel last year. yea she lovely but shes quite and boring. bb winners usualy bring fun to the house have a laugh and when they get out we hear from them for about a year later but no rachel. if Bea would of won she might of stuck her head out in the gossip world for about 4 months then got lost somewhere.

Sophie wins it for me. how blonde is she? shes fantastic. just how she is unaware of how dopey she is. and her boobs are they real or fake they must be fake shes tiny it just doesnt make sense to me. anyway. if sophie doesnt win BB is either fixed or the public are stupid.

Okay im tired now.

Night off for some beauty sleep.




Needs to Stop Posting Today.

Right okay so i dont do a million post today im just gonna do the rest on this post.


I Need Rue'd Rouge Dazzleglass im in love with it im hoping it doesnt dissapear before pay day tis beautiful. indeed. :)

oh and did i forget to mention SMile. Wow.

Making a comeback?

did i just read right are S C R U N C H I E S making a come back?

arr the days when i used to bunch up my hair in one of these fluffy looking things how times have changed!

well in about 4 months time it will be 2010. will this be the year of the scrunchie? i think so.

i wonder what SJP has to say about this cause we cannot forget the episode in Sex&TheCity where she dissed them.

what will the future hold instore for scrunchie. i cant wait to find out.

New Haircut..I Think?

The time has come where i just can't do ANYTHING with my hair anymore its just so LONG!! and my fringe what is that about?

i have fallen in love with Dannii Minogue's Bob i want something like that but maybe with out the fringe? i work in a place that just doesnt agree with my fringe it makes it greasy too quick! i have to pin it up after an hour and considering i spend 40 hours aweek there my fringe is ALWAYS up and when i put it down i hate it so i put it up typical.

So ive been looking around and some celebs bob cuts.
(picture from nowmagazine.co.uk)

As we Know V.Beckham rocks her bobs in any style and thats what i love about her. HER HAIR. Umm. I've only found 2 celebs atm but wow i really want one. not decided what colour yet cause i L O V E my purple maybe if i find a deep purple not sure!!
(picture from ehow.com)

Can you imagin if i cut my hair i think i might actualy cry its sooo long and i love how long its gotten but not being able to do much is killing me. the SAME hairstyle E V E R Y D A Y. just not good. help would be helpful. :)



pixar contest

okay so the links for this comp are listed below. the first one is the original guru i was on her channel and found it. you have to subscribe to all 3 and each guru has their own special comment prize for the people that dont want to do a video and then there are 3 prizes altogether in the video section. tis will be fun.
okay so here you go:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCBt3vk0reg&feature=channel (this person is so funny her name is angie and he makeup is fabulous if you like drama makeup or film makeup then this woman is the person to watch she adds her personality to her post and she is just one of them people that you can laugh at everytime you see. not in a harsh way)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEcarFqd3_o&feature=channel_page (dont be scared when you see the beginning of this video this guru is a strange on but her makeup is really good)
Good Luck.

i was wondering around youtube and came across a competition ill find the link tmoz im too tired just thought id upload these now.

so here it goes its spose to be influenced from the CDA from monsters inc (aka the yellow people)




Eyes...120 palette

First of all i do apolagise for the state of my brows.(and the fact i cant spell) i went alton towers yday and havnt really recovered didnt expect to be taking a picture i just loved them :) im getting better at eyes i really am hehe :) so here it goes. ....



New stuff!

woo! i've finaly been paid..good times.
its all gone....bad times.

i spent it on makeup and erm other random stuff really.

i went to boots and bought

a makeup remover and a toner.

L'Oreal lipgloss

in MAC i bought
brush cleanser.

fluidline blacktrack

dollymix blush

169 angled contour brush.
(sorry about the state of it i clean my brushes at night so they can dry whilst im asleep )

superdrug i just bought a sleek palette. storm

and off ebay i bought the 120 palette and bourjois 3d effect lipgloss.

the 120 palette was broken when it came through the door so gutted im gonna try and fix it. good luck to me.




highlight and contour!


i tought myself how to highlight and contour well i googled what they are and then tried it out then realised it didnt work exactly the way i wanted it to so when i was on youtube i came across this amazing guy and guided me.

so i went away and tried it out and this is the result. Before and After.
How great i mean its not perfect but it was my 2nd time doing it. i just need to figure out my eyes im terrible at doind them.



Okay so today i went out and bought storage. Not much but a little to help me whilst i sort myself out.

I do think i looks so much better than before.

Well not so much organised until i get draws on payday but if you compare them then yes its so much better. :)

Oh can't forget my draw.

I'm proud of myself.

Okay so in here i just have extra things like my kabuki bronzer brushes (Chrismas Presents) and my most used nail varnish's i have a case for my others.

In this Utensil holder i just have accesories like curlers,sharpeners,nail varnish remover, hairspray and eyelashes.

Aww i have a pot for my brushes. its only little because it didnt make sense buying a big one when i haven't got many brushes (Yet!)

and the little on just has bobbi pins in.

Okay, these fantastic little things that i saw on someone's youtube video i think they are fantastic from Ikea from about £1.49 they hand on a rail but i need to put that up after i have sorted that corner out :) i have my foundation in one and powder in the other. Love It!

This Jar. I Love it, it looks cute and its handy doesnt make my draw look messy with the bag being placed in there. Ikea.

I bought some boxes it was 3 for £1.49 Ikea. i love them so comact and cute. i have liners in one, mascara in one and cotton buds in the other.

And this last one i haven't got much eyeshadow so i thought they will fit in here, they do :) it was from wilkis for £2 Bargin.

Okay now i'll show you makeup i bought today

I thought that i should try and matte mousse and i love it coverage is amazing compared to liquid.

Lipstick i dont really wear it but times can change. these are from Rimmel London £5+ each the colours are gogeous.

52:hello and 830:crystal mauve.

I have bought 3 new brushes eyeliner one from Gosh £6.49 bargin i might add and its really good for my first brush anyhow. a ecofriendly eyeshadow brush i think the only downside is that its made from synthetic hair so it wont pick up powder as much as i want. and a new foundation brush. I saw it in wilkis for £4+ so i thought i'd grab it. It's a good brush but i think i will buy a MAC one when i have the money.

And one last thing. My sister did my eyes Today I like them but a tiny bit too dark :) thanks Jen xx




Home Improvement!

Well not so much home as makeup area of bedroom and not so much improvement as in ideas.

okay i just liked the idea of the name.

so anyway.

i have just won this


how amazing £32 £34.50 inc p&p off ebay

12 MAC pigment eyeshadows :O excited


Other new on my travels of my makeup bag and beyond i found a sharpener woo so i decided to well sharpen all of my liners. well at first it was going as planned it kept snapping then i had to clean the sharpener it took time and in the end i came out with this.....

im proud it wont last long but thats the first for me for a while. but i have realised that i need to buy new sharpeners and also not to use the same sharpeners for both coloured liners and white liners it doesnt mix well. well see you soon.



My Collection! August 2009.

Well as i was browsing through some fantastic blogs i came up with the idea to see what my make up collection looks like at the beginning of my Plan! as i shall call it.

I want to see what i use now and what i will end up using, on my way comparing how good the product is. i did have an "alright" collection but about 2 hours before this when i was out my little sister came into my room raided my make-up and took my favorite foundation which she got all up my freshly painted wall and my favourite eyelinner not very happy about that 13 year olds eh?

well anywho.

Excuse the draws that same sister decided to get my paint and decorate my draws typical.

okay i agree this collection is a mess.


i dont like to use eyelinners after they go blunt im strange but its either i cant find my shapener or everytime i go shopping i seem to buy a new liner. or just maybe both. but i like finding out which is the best liner for me. now at the moment its Contour Khol from L'oreal in jet black.

i do hope the link works. :)
its about £5 from superdrug. ive gone off boots for some strange reason its too i cant find the word you get my drift.

well this is my everyday eye make up i used the collection 2000 eyeliner in replace or the contour khol one.

rimmel london mascara volume flash. ultra black. i think its a fantastic mascara although for going out i prefer maybeline lash stiletto the brush is so fine and lone it make my lashes look longer without much effort of putting layer after layer to plump the lashes up.

and my much need of a new one brow and lash brush hardly used. i think i got it from a set box for christmas many years ago its just always stayed with me.


Now powder is my life that is one thing i cannot live without. anyone will do although i do love my MAC mineralize powder medium+ £17.50 with the right brush its amazing. i came to realise about the right brush for this after the powder brush i bought didnt do the trick i wanted more of a heavy coverage. i used the large powder brush from MAC £29 then went back to my Kabuki bronzing brush i got with my 17 bronzer. i will get a natural haired one though on payday. prepared to be blogged.

the one on the right is bourjois magnifing compact powder. i only use this if i want to be orange otherwise never worse £7 i ever spent. i got the wrong shade. 74 abricote. i doesnt even looked touched. thats one lesson ive learned after spending about half an hour in superdrug trying to find the best powder (after they got rid of natural collection in their stores ) then getting the right shade i just picked what i though was the right one up got home it was the wrong one. im so clever.

and on the left is the bronzer i mentioned in my last blog. from MAC £16 theres the tiny piece of metal showing. its fantastic for me any way.

and theres the blusher the little tiny one. i wasnt a big fan of blusher until i found this in my sisters room it is a good little blush but ive found the one i want from Mac if only i can remember which shade i wanted lets just hope the coverage is good, not too much not too less.

and here is my moisturiser. never been a big fan usualy break out in spots but this fantastic johnson's 24hour moisture is the right one for me. i put it on before any makeup goes on its perfect for my skin, at least i think it is. i have noticed a big difference to the softness and of my complexion. not a big differece on that actualy but its clearer.


Now Im Still Trying To Figure out how to get the right one.

theres mineralized foundation


and liquid.

its all a funny little thing.

the one i use is from Rimmel London:recover foundation

i love it i mix it with maybelline: dream satin liquid, that i find a tiny but dark thats why i mixed.

the Rimmel has got into the hands of my sister thats why the photo has Gosh foundation (superdrugs own) its hello youth it is good but i hardly use it ive had better foundations.

and theres the natural collection concealer. i had to admit i dont like it that much but when i eventualy get the right brush i might start using it more so i can blend more.

and finaly my primer, i found this better than MACs one this is £11 from Gosh and its lasted although it is a bit oliy but what sort of face product isnt that why we have make up wipes and moisturisers for that.


Okay this is the last one of this blog.

I'm just finding out what brushes are all about. which brushes to use for what and so on. i recently bought a large powder brush from MAC and it is a good brush but not for whole coverage.

which leads me on to my Kabuki Brush from 17 i find it a good little brush but the synthetic-ness makes it not pick the powder up as much as ill like thats why im going to find a natural haired one so i can see the difference.

my foundation brush that i once couldnt live without....my sister stole it i thought i lost it and 3 months later it came just as i was getting used to my fingers. but its back from Body Shop Back Then it was £9 now its £11 it was about about 3 years ago :O .

my funkyfriends facebrush. dont really use it only when i cant find anybrush or im in a rush and its the closest on there then yea. but its a rubbish brush.

the blending brush is a good brush i think thats 17 cant remember albiet i could find a better one but i am used to this brush and it does the job.

shadow brushes: i hate them. FULLSTOP but there comes a time in a girls life where she has to use one so i keep them in there just incase.

and what ever that black blending brush is it should be frown out. in fact i might do it now......Done!

And on that not thats me done. God that tooks its time can You Imagin when i start buying more stuff.