halloween competition..yes i know im kindof late with it.

its 2 days to go and for some strange reason ive only just seen this. hmm.
okay so hurry up and check this gal out if she gets 13 i think more she will give a 2nd prize away  a sleek palette of YOUR choice so get following.


Good Luck

S xXx


  1. Gosh darling is the best nude lipstick ever! I have 3 back ups of it!
    How are you finding the fix+, i have been contemplating picking it up!
    Please check out my blog, it would make my day!

  2. it is an amazing nude. at the moment its great i honstly have no idea what the outcome is spose to be like but my makeup stays on and my foundation doesnt feel too heavy with it on. i love your blog entered the comp obvs :D xXx


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