What i am going to buy next...hmmmm.

Okay so before i say anything i have to say ive decided i DONT like my brow pencil from benifit. im just not happy with it the outcome is pretty rubbish in my opinion. i might go and buy a new one and maybe after a while comeback to it or use a powder instead hmm. will defo have to think about that.

so as i was googling and youtubing i decided to look at different brands of makeup ive just been sticking to MAC and NARS(well NARS not so much) ive been trying to find a Shu Uemura website for the UK but have really found it. so if anyone knows of one comment/email me please.
two items from MAC i really want are
up the amp lipstick and peachykeen blush.
from NARS well i want everything but i think next is
well i was thinking about the primer hmm any thoughts people...
the multiple. i just think that for a highlighter it will be fab and i could use it on my cheeks and lips so i think i HAVE to get it.
me and my sister were orignaly looking at the modern love palette but as im looking im going towards the Douceurs de Paris Palette.
from clinique i need this

i think i do desperatly need it because i really need to even out my skin tone if i can spen £30 on foundation i can on this fab product.

(if any of you have recomendations please let me know)
okay ill post this and comeback to you when i have found more.
i think soo.

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