yes i took my time.

Okay posting a new post is coming somewhat of an effort i have no time or patience anymore.
well as my sister said(http://all-that-glitters-and-sparkles.blogspot.com/) we went shopping yesterday to "dress" my brother...he was in much need of a makeover. i was just there for well a day out and to atempt to keep my neice happy but it didnt work nothing makes her love me i even bought her 3 toys and she didnt smile at me. 1 year olds eh? so anyway me and my sister of course went into selfridges and went into MAC and we were not impressed i think ive outgrown the excitement of going in to MAC ive been in so many times and looked at everything its not exciting anymore. so we looked around died walked past the new Tiffanys & Co stall and ended up at NARS oh yes we have a more expencive addiction. ooops. oh well its worth EVERY penny. i bought two eyeshadows tropic and night snow and was tempted to get orgasm blush but wanted to save something to buy today but my sister did buy it and mekong(is that how its spelt?) sooo today i went back and bought 23 brush very much needed and orgasm blush it had to be done. and the mex factors false lash effect mascara and some powder from 17 its shine proof so i thought id give it a whirl :)

look at that wand i love it :)

and i frew in a FOTD i used my two new eyeshadows from NARS tropic and white snow and NARS sheer glow in montblanc and MSF medium +
i look grumpy hehe



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