FACE WEEK: simple baby wipes

I can't stand makeup wipes they do my head in. there are quite dry and they smell. so i decided to swap and use baby wipes. i started to use Johnson's baby wipes then i thought they were a bit expensive so i went on the hunt for new ones. and found these I've used simple before and liked their stuff so i thought for £2 why not? i love them they are miles better than Johnson's more softer and only take one to take makeup off both eyes. that's a plus :)
i think thats all i can say really. in my opinion splashing an extra pound or two on johnson's or simple baby wipes is better than asda wipes. my mum bought me asda's the other week and ive gone through quite alot considering they murder my face and bring me out in spots.

Hoped you like my FACE WEEK! any products that you've been loving or loathing lately?

MIM xx

FACE WEEK: Garnier pureA intensive night treatment gel

This for drug store is Fab. it doesn't magically work over night but it soothes the spot. i would say it takes about two/three nights to clear the spot. the smell isn't the best of smells but what spot treatment gel is?
you only need a little dot on each spot and massage it into the skin. it feels abit sticky but that soon fades. on a spot that has scabbed over it does sting for a couple of seconds but i always think that its working if it stings only because my skin feels it so it must be doing something.

"its formula with salicylic acid and zinc fights blemishes and helps to clear imperfections and their marks while leaving the skin comfortable"

i don't think i have any problem with this because it has been working for about 5 months now and its over half full so i have another few months before i have to chuck it. i think its was £5 or more possibly im not sure on the price i bought it just before Christmas.

i highlighted help because it annoys me when people moan about products that don't magically work for them. it says helps to clear not get rid of them straight away. just to clarify that. :D

tomorrow's post will be the last of my reviews for FACE WEEK! keep a look out.

MIM xx


FACE WEEK: Garnier clean&soft cleansing milk

I Love this stuff. it makes taking my makeup off so easy. and it doesn't sting my eyes at first when i had no idea how to use it around my eyes it did but when i figured out away to do it none went into my eyes. i put a bit of a cotton pad then pressing it on another one so i have two then close my eyes and press one of each pads on my eyes making sure i have covered my whole lid then wipe. its all off i might have to clean up a little bit. did that make sense i hope it did i would show but i ran out of it last week.
How does it work?
complete cleansing milk is enriched with cleansing micro-dispersed oils and essence or rose. the creamy formula perfectly removes make-up impurities whilst being very gentle. it provides your skin with care and comfort, and leaves it clean&soft"

I find this the same as the toner it leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft and the smell is gorgeous. 
the texture is too thick and its too thin. its just right. the amount of cleansing milk i have used and there were so runny. 

i love garnier their products are amazing. with my skin i have to be careful with what skin care i use because don't want to break out in spots. garnier just does everything i want it to do. and my skin feels amazing afterwards. the two products i have might not get rid of my spots but they help clean and refresh my skin actually i do have one garnier product that gets rid of spots but you'll just have to read tomorrows post :D 

MIM xx


FACE WEEK: Garnier soft essentials soothing toner.

Now i don't really know what toner actually is. It says on the bottle "a toner is ideal as a daily way to hydrate and soften dry and sensitive skin for a beautiful complexion that lookes fresh and radiant."
How does it work?
"Every day, the rose water and pro vitamin B5 enriched formular removes any remaining impurities whilst respecting delicate skin"

Right well i suppose it has given me nicer cleaner skin. i have been using this for about 6 months.
I use this toner when ever i don't have makeup on and/or when i feel my skin needs a good cleanse.
I love the smell of this its gorgeous which i suppose is a plus.

After i use it my skin feels so much cleaner. 
when i know i'm going to have a long day before i moisturise and what not i wipe this all over my face and put my hairdryer on the lowest heat and dry it into my skin. i also do this with MAC's fix+ which is kind of like the same thing. 
i find my skin feels cleaner for longer. 
I also don't need much on the cotton pad it spreads really well. i suppose it is water really.


thanks for Reading

MIM xx


FACE WEEK: Johnson's baby moisturiser

When i first bought this i was worried it wouldn't be a good moisturiser. i was skint and it was £3 so anything would do. my face was in desperate need of moisture after the winter we had. 

I loved it. my face got a bit clearer and softer i was thinking wow. its amazing for the price i paid. 
But i stopped using it for a week and that's when things when slightly down hill. i started using it again and it just didn't do anything. it was just another product sitting on my face, that was the last thing i wanted another product with no purpose clogging up my pores on my face. 

The texture is quite thick although you don't need much to cover your face and even your neck. 
                                                             This is how much i use.
I know it's for baby's but on the back it reads " gently moisturises skin leaving it perfectly baby soft. clinically proven mild enough to use on face and all over baby skin." so if it says it's good enough then it must be...right?
i mean i only had one break out whilst using this and i put that down to stress. it didn't react with my skin at all.
All in all i think that for £3 its a good short term product, you know the moisturiser you buy in between saving up for that must-have expensive one.

So i'm still on the look out for "the one"
Face products just don't seem to work for me neither do any hair products but thats another story :D

Thanks MIM.



Face Week.

Okay so I'm back. I was just struck with inspiration about half an hour ago when i was cleaning my face. Hence the title for this post.
So this week i am going to review 5 face products for you. all but one that i have used for over 4 months.
Tonight i am going to start with my skin. it has taken me a while to figure out what sort of skin type i have, oily, dry, normal, combination. it kept changing so i just said combination but as months have gone past i actually started to look at my skin and take notice of how oily or dry my face actually is. my skin is dry and sensitive. I've always known i had sensitive skin. especially with Nivea products i break out really bad with anything from their line. but i didn't think i had dry skin. but i haven't got oily skin any more. that i know of anyway i could be wrong.

All the way through high school i had spots bad. not as bad as other people but every morning i had a new spot on my face. FRUSTRATING i know. it carried on for another year after i left. i suppose working at mcdonalds doesn't help in anyway. in the past 1 or so my skin has cleared up so much. and now i rarely get spots. i have a lot of blackheads and blemishes but spots appear when im stressed and that's it or when i have my eyebrows or top lip waxed.

i hate my face without makeup i look like a completely different person and don't post pictures without foundation on but i don't think this post will make sense without showing you what my skin looks like.

i know its not that bad but i just want to find a way to clear all the blemishes and get rid of blackheads.

                ^^^these spots are my stress spots that visited my yesterday :(

so if any of you can help in any thing. like what skin type i am, how to clear my skin up etc please leave a comment. 

Keep posted throughout the week for what products i have been using. 

MIM xx

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sorry ive had a spot of bloggers block. i have some post lined up just need some inspiration. 

if you want to request anything go ahead :D