Bloggers Event. Aussie To The Rescue.

(some of these pictures were taken from Aussie's Flicker the rest are my own pictures)

On Wednesday night Emma and Lisa from Aussie invited me to an event. of which i am so grateful for them invited me as i had a great night. Meeting fellow bloggers i think i was the youngest there. anyway. the penthouse  of which the event was held was very beautiful i just wanted to live there, although the view made me abit queasy. So anyway back to the event.

 The Aussie philosophy is "There's more to life than hair - but it's a good place to start"
and Wednesday night was Aussie's first "Aussie to the rescue" event and it was held in the penthouse suite at the Light Boutique Hotel, Manchester. Me, my sister and a few other bloggers attended the fabulous event. and was helped my Stevey the stylist, he really did save my life last night and got who i was straight away. Cassie the Makeup Artist and Amber the hairstylist sadly i didn't get chance to visit Amber my mum was waiting outside for me and my sister. 
Cassie used Maxfactor Products as the event was sponsored by them. It sort of opened my eyes a little bit with their products all i have bought from them before was powder and false lash effect mascara. Cassie used Second skin foundation on me i thought the colour was a tiny bit too dark for my skin colour as i like to be pale but i was willing to try anything. the foundation on the other hand was beautiful i will be defiantly picking my self one up :D the blush she used was so pretty unfortunately i didn't get the name of that one.  

My drink was constantly being topped up my the AMAZING bar tender Ian. His cocktails were very Yummy and More-ish. Emma and Lisa did a fab job at hosting this event and they didn't let us leave without our goody bags that had everything i was looking for including a good hold hairspray and a volume and gloss hairspray and a heat protector and a few Maxfactor goodies. Thank you Aussie for this opportunity i had a great time and you really did rescue me from my fashion issues. 

I shall be reviewing these products as i use them more. keep a look out for the post.
Okay so i shall show you a few pictures. sorry about the view pictures but i have lived in Manchester my whole life and i am in the city centre every 2 weeks and i have never seen it from that height. 

(my sister having her makeup done by Cassie)
Yummy desserts 

Thank You again Aussie i had a brilliant night and learnt ALOT. xxxx 


A Package? ....For Me?

The usual sorry for the lack of post.

So the other day i was in work and my brother told me i had a package at home and i was trying to think for a good hour or so what it was.....then my sister @ http://all-that-glitters-and-sparkles.blogspot.com/ txt me asking if my xen tan stuff have arrived that they very kindly sent to me to try out. so i got all excited when i finished work as you can imagine.
As soon as i got home i grabbed the box off my bed and opened it :D

and a quick swatch of the bronzer (which i LOVE)

So i haven't had a play around with the self tanner yet as i have nowhere to go. but i have used the bronzer and its the best bronzer i have ever used im not just saying that because i got it for free because i like to tell people the truth if i don't like it i will say so, but i do like it. i don't use it often because im not a "bronzer" type person but when its sunny i will just quickly put this on the colour is pretty and not much iridescence which is one main reasons i don't like bronzers i have plenty that is like 70% glitter and 30%bronzer which i suppose that's what bronzer is . 
As soon as i have tried it i will post asap. 



TODAY I AM......

.....CLEANING MY ROOM!! yes it is such a mess its annoying me. i don't tend to clean my room often i think most teenage girls bedrooms are a tip. clothes all over the place, work, sweet wrappers, makeup, hair products, you get my point.

So tonight my friends are coming round so it shall be cleaned. but to be honest it was driving me mad its just getting up and cleaning it that's the problem... lets just face it im miss lazy.


Every now and again i will get up and organise my makeup and bedside cabinets and just quickly go round me room but spring cleaning it urg! i don't have the time and i just can't be bothered but i love the look of my room when its nice and clean. I do now anyway. Before i painted my room and got my new wardrobes and draws it looked stupid clean or messy so it didn't bothered but now i know that when my room is clean it looks nice and organised, which for once in my life it is, well apart from under my bed that's just got so many cardboard boxes under it just impossible to organise it. so on to the point. i went to Ikea last year and bought so storage things for draws but i didn't buy many and not all the same size. but it works and looks tidy. sort of. 
It doesn't help that i had about 5 hours sleep last night. I like going bed early, i am a morning girl, hate sleeping  past half 10. So i go bed at about half 9 10ish but don't fall asleep till half 10 i watch what ever was on record that night then go sleep. but last night i fell asleep at about 20 to 11 and at half 1 i woke up. Could NOT get to sleep. so i watched TV for an hour and another hour and another and before i knew it it was half 5 urg! so i turned my TV OFF and tried to go back to sleep.....NOPE it was until about half 6ish that i feel asleep. AND THEN......i woke up at half 8 but im wide awake but its annoying that i have had no sleep so im going to be so tired tonight and falling asleep on my friends...god im babbling now.
Tomorrow though i am finally going holiday clothes shopping with my friends the only pay day i get to buy clothes for my jollys. Can't wait. EXCITED. I shall let you know how i go on. and also i got a package yesterday..but you'll have to wait until i post it to know what it was. have a good friday.



feeling abit UNDER THE WEATHER :(

(pic taken from google images)

Sorry guys i had loads of post in mind for this week but i got the flu well its just going now but i woke up friday morning feeling awful i took a pic of me and my tan but i looked awful. (btw my tan has now gone :[ so it didnt even last 4 days let alone a week. i have some patches that are still there but it just looks stupid.)
all things should be bright and wonderful by sunday and i will be up and running again just need to get rid of it now. its driving me mad at least i can walk around for more than 10 minutes now. yay! big thumbs up.

i shall see you all later. xx




Yesterday i got invited to go and have a spray tan done. it was by xen-tan and i have to say it is amazing there are a few patches but barely noticeable some of them are obviously where i haven't exfoliated properly. i was so scared to go in the shower this morning because last night i kept getting water on my hand/arm and it would leave a patch but i dabbed it dry and after an hour or so it faded, so i was worried it was going to come off in the shower but i got rid of the "extra" bits of false tan. its kind of like dying your hair you have to wash the excess out.
so anyway i LOVE my tan it looks like i have just come off holiday in the Caribbean or something.
so a few pictures from yesterday. i had to take the pictures off my blackberry because my little sister didnt charge my camera and lost my card :(.

this was where the stand is in Selfridges along with fake bake, St tropez and something else cant think for the life of me what it was. and next to this stand was the room that i had my spray tan in. 
the woman was lovely and talked you through everything for us first time spray tanners. i took about 20 minutes for it to be done. i was cold but it didn't bother me after the winter we have had it was nice to be having a tan and the cold was nothing compared to being out in the snow for a minute. (does that make sense?) get to my point it was that cold. the machine was a bit noisy but that didn't bother me either. 

ooh loving how dark it is.

these pictures were from the dome outside of Selfridges.

i think i really want that bronzer and im not one for bronzers. :D

okay so on to the promotion.  Xen-Tan are running an event at in the Trafford Centre Dome outside Selfridges from the 6th – 16th of May.

If you spend £20 on Xen-Tan Products you will get a voucher for a free spray tan.

There’s also a chance for 10 people to win free spray tans for a year if you buy two or more Xen-Tan products (excluding the mitt) and a winner is picked everyday between the 6th -16th.

 so if you pick up a flyer you can get a spray tan for £20 and i think it is worth it. 

thank you xen-tan for this wonderful opportunity to try a spray tan 

MIM xx 


Sunday's Product

woo! a girls best friend, you can never leave the house without it on. the one im loving right now is Maxfactors false lash effect in black. i dont think it lives up to its name but its a pretty good mascara definatly makes them fuller.

on the wand it looks clumpy but it doesn't come off clumpy on your lashes. 
i bought this mascara before christmas so its definatly on its way out. i might just be my first mascara i have EVER re-purchased. 

Okay that was my last post in FAVOURITE PRODUCTS WEEK. hope you enjoyed it and more will be coming in the future. 

if you have any request/ideas of what you would like my to post on my blog just email or comment below.
email: sarahloulou@googlemail.com


Dollymix blush swatches (requested)

Okay so from a post during the week people were asking me to post swatched of dollymix blush so i finaly got round to doing it........

i love that shimmer to it. arr beautiful it is. 

hope you enjoyed.


Saturday's Product

Okay today my product is Ardell false lashes. urg! in LOVE with them. i am a massive fan of falsies and ardell i my favourite brand. the ones i love right now are demi wispies. so natural looking.

you can see how much ive used these i peel the glue off to make them last longer but i think its time to buy a new pair. they are £5 at boots ive not noticed them anywhere else but boots is the first place i go for lashes.
i bought these in october i think still going strong very good value for money i think.

MIM x 

MUA @ Superdrug swatches.

So i went to Superdrug today and i just had to see the MUA stand and i was looking everywhere for it couldnt find it so i gave up then when i was looking for the gosh offer (that wasnt on at my superdrug may i add ) and i looked up and it was on a shelf hmm. okay. so i grabbed the best looking eyeshadows didnt bother swatching them their only a pound so i didnt expect them to be that good.
any who im babbling.
Before i start with the swatches look what my little sister did. now when i say little i mean shes 14 and steals every bit of makeup i have. i had this blush for an hour she picked it up then threw it on my laptop......

sad times i didnt like it anyway it wasnt any good.

so on to the eyeshadows.

so here are my 6 e/s

from left to right shade 11, shade 18, shade 8, shade 20

on the left shade 16, right shade 1.

okay so look at 16 its flaky eww its the only one that does this so i think this will get lost at the back of a draw. (oh well ive just dropped it on the floor, well it stood through the dropping it test anyway thats a plus) shade 1 will be a really nice highlighter.
i do really like the pigmentation of the colours i didnt really expect that for a pound really. i think its the matte colours that we will have problems with shade 11 is matte and i had to layer that on to get that colour.

okay so after this im going to post the swatches for dollymix then tomorrow i will post swatches for the famous eyeshadows. 

happy may day.