Yesterday i got invited to go and have a spray tan done. it was by xen-tan and i have to say it is amazing there are a few patches but barely noticeable some of them are obviously where i haven't exfoliated properly. i was so scared to go in the shower this morning because last night i kept getting water on my hand/arm and it would leave a patch but i dabbed it dry and after an hour or so it faded, so i was worried it was going to come off in the shower but i got rid of the "extra" bits of false tan. its kind of like dying your hair you have to wash the excess out.
so anyway i LOVE my tan it looks like i have just come off holiday in the Caribbean or something.
so a few pictures from yesterday. i had to take the pictures off my blackberry because my little sister didnt charge my camera and lost my card :(.

this was where the stand is in Selfridges along with fake bake, St tropez and something else cant think for the life of me what it was. and next to this stand was the room that i had my spray tan in. 
the woman was lovely and talked you through everything for us first time spray tanners. i took about 20 minutes for it to be done. i was cold but it didn't bother me after the winter we have had it was nice to be having a tan and the cold was nothing compared to being out in the snow for a minute. (does that make sense?) get to my point it was that cold. the machine was a bit noisy but that didn't bother me either. 

ooh loving how dark it is.

these pictures were from the dome outside of Selfridges.

i think i really want that bronzer and im not one for bronzers. :D

okay so on to the promotion.  Xen-Tan are running an event at in the Trafford Centre Dome outside Selfridges from the 6th – 16th of May.

If you spend £20 on Xen-Tan Products you will get a voucher for a free spray tan.

There’s also a chance for 10 people to win free spray tans for a year if you buy two or more Xen-Tan products (excluding the mitt) and a winner is picked everyday between the 6th -16th.

 so if you pick up a flyer you can get a spray tan for £20 and i think it is worth it. 

thank you xen-tan for this wonderful opportunity to try a spray tan 

MIM xx 


  1. I LOVE Xen-Tan! I saw it on HSN a very long time ago, 2 years ago I would say! From the HSN "review" and several searches online about the product, I was then convinced and bought it! I was VERY happy with outcome. Plus the smell wasn't bad. I still have a bottle and a half left and want to try other products from the brand but for now I am happy with Mystic Sprays at the tanning salons. They can be a little pricey but its hassle free and I love the look even more, very smooth finish. If you have a LA Tan or something simliar I would give them a try! Im not sure what is there though. I know some other salon sprays are awful but the LA Tan ones here are fabulous. Its not a person but an actual booth! :] ♥ best wishes*

  2. Xen Tan is the best - glad you enjoyed :)