Sorry... :(

sorry ive been abit lazy lols. i have pics taken and what not for hauls and FOTDs but just havent gotton around to it considering ive been off for 10days now hmm. well anyway since its snowing i decided to post a couple of pictures up because im in the christmas mood.

so heres me and the snow-woman we made i wanted it really round but it just didnt work out the way we wanted so her it is and yes i stuck the eyelashes on. good job there ones i dont like.   : P

and this one is my house : D not really much of a story to tell you lols. but theres MEE!!.

this one is me and my beautiful niece gawd i love her.

and this one omg. we have a park on our estate and its like a minute walk from my house so i sent my sisters boyfriend to the park to get loads of snow to make jackette (jackie=snowwoman) a but fatter. and he shouted my over and there was this just over average snowball in the middle so i went to get it and roll it home. omg we were there for about half an hour and we were at the bottom end of the park so i had to roll it allthe way across the park down the road cross the road and get it on my grass. well it was like a blizzard out there at one point and i got left on my own (how rude) it took me 10mins to get about 2 meters. then my brother came home and he started pushing it and other people started to help. they pushed it onto the road and  we were sooo close to home and it just broke outside someones drive....they came home and saw a broken snowball outside their house..i ran leaving the randomers to it. hahah. caused a traffic jam on my estate so you can imagin how much trouble we caused. all in all it was sooo funny sad part was is they got all the snow on their grass :( but oh well i shall try again tmoz. i just thought id tell you all because it was so funny.

happy christmas....hope to be seeing your snowy pics.

links please : D xx



wooo! im now 19 woo! getting old now which is a bit sa because i dont get as much any more :( sadness. i wil post a pic of pressies when i have a chance xxx



heres a fab giveaway for you.

check it out.

 btw i have some post coming this weekend. just been crazy at work :(



i promised....

well i dont think i wrote promised but i dont want to be a let down (btw as im writing this i am taking my makeup off so appologies for mistsakes)

so two weeks ago i had my hair chopped i would say cut but the amount taken off it it was more like chopped :P
sorry it took me so long to post this but i just havent had much in me lately.
so here is what my hair looked like before..............

this pic was the only one where you can around about see how long my hair was.
okay so here it is...

look :O but i love it now. i was in tears when i first washed it but now i love it.
so ive decided to frow in some posing pics and a EOTD.

the ever so wierd pic it made me laugh.

and a just messing around. gawd im a poser sometimes...come on we all do it.

the Cheese on this!!

okay so EOTD which is more of a FOTD hmm.

please ignore the tide mark and eyebrows i fixed the tide after i saw this pic but couldnt really get a better picture.

so hope you liked it. and just to let you know i ended up poking myself in the eye with my baby wipe. good times.

Good Night.

Day 3 of the count down to christmas tmoz



My walk to work on the 1st day of december.

so when i was taking my lovely walk to work at half 7 this morning in the oh so minus something temperature the most gorgeous sun rise and it was all frosty and what not. what made me laugh was 3 little birds were skating across the lake that made my day. so i took some pictures for you. Enjoy.

so this is the not so appealing path. its a bit Erg!

look how pretty.

this is my fav pic.

stupid fences :(

soo after this lovely treat
ive decided to show you just how much hair i actualy had chopped off, now bare in mind my hair went past the half way point of my back. i should be posting a pic tmoz for you, i just havent gotton around to taking a picture...so brace yourselfs, hold on to your makeup brushes girls....................

 look i nearly cried she found some more hair after i took this picture.

so i shall see you tmoz xx



ME. i won a giveaway i never win ANYTHING. sooo happy and its from one of my fav blogs. sinead from http://daintydollymix.blogspot.com/ thank you sooo much. the parcel came on friday but i wasnt in so i had to wait until today to go to the post office to pick it up. i was sooo excited and thank you again i love everything.
heres some pictures.

in the box

loving the falsies

this smells Amazing

beautiful colour

words cannot say what i think about this. :D

Thank you again sinead and thanks for the note. i do have twitter i dont use it as often as i should :).


oh and i am waiting on a order from E.L.F. i took advantage of the free P&P woop! i shall post on wednesday i think thats when i am going to the post office to pick it up. what am i like im never in the house.

sorry ive been gone :(

I've been working and very tired dont know whats up with me any spare time i get i just sleep :( not good.
any way i have a review for you.
the Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara.

OMG this is sooooo worth paying £19.50 i payed £16.64 or somewhere past the £16 mark. it was VAT off weekend at Debenhams so i grabbed it. it is absolutly AMAZING. it makes your lashes soo fuller. i love a fuller lash and having this mascara i just want to walk around with it in my hands all day and show everyone. i was walking round work showing my friends my lashes. i have never had a mascara like this omg i love it. when it runs out i am definatly buying it at £19.50 if i see it on offer again i will stock up like crazy. im really excited over it. :D

you cant really see cause i didnt curl my lashes today cbb. ;]
and whilst im here i will show you in a poor quality picture my EOTD

now you can see my lashes well flat lashes.
Gawd i look miserable. i need to post a pic of my hair btw ive had it chopped off :/ if you look carefully you can see where my hair ends. hmm.


Blog of the Week.

After this one i am moving this to blog of the month because on fridays i am very busy and saturdays i usualy work and sundays i either work or relax and forget about the world of the internet for a day. so yea my  blogger of the week goes to

Livia from

well done i just came across your blog the other day and i love it. your looks are Fab.
so check this girl out she also has a giveaway on atm so follow her at enter.

and whilst im posting i have had my hair cut oh yes really short when im in the mood i will post a pic. ive been so tired i have done sunday monday tuesday wednesday and thrusday overnighters at work from 11 at night till 7 in the morning and since im a girl who goes to bed at half 9 10 oclock and wake up at half 7 its a shock to my systtem and soooooo sleepy. so yea good night xxxx dont forget to follow this lovely blogger.
xXx p.s its nearly my birthday woo! 19! gawd that year has gone FAST


FAB giveaway.

the winner gets little goodies and the ever popular most wanted urban decay book of shadows VII yes omg how exciting.

check this girl out

so heres my post

What is your most prized possession?
my Blackberry. i could NOT go a day without it.

What is your definition of beauty?
a natural beautiful look with a glitening smile (does that actualy make sense) (cheese alert)>>> true beauty is from within.

What makeup item (Brand and name of product) would you recommend to me? sleek's eyeshadow palettes.

What is your favorite KIND of makeup item and why? mascara because eyes are the main things that people look at on your face i always look at eyelashes why i dont know but i love how mascara makes your lashes look and how your eyes look.
A weird factoid about you. :B  my room is a mess (fullstop) but when i walk into my room and someone has moved/took anything out of my room i know the second i walk in. the other day i walked in and my room felt different my sister used my ghds an put them about 10cm away from where i left them. sooo wierd i am.

What is the fondest memory of your childhood? christmas day best days of my life so far.

Describe yourself honestly. strange bubbly 19 year old that doesnt get out much.

Tell me something I could do to improve my blog. nothing much really i just think you could maybe change the font so it doesnt look default :D
love this giveaway.
btw followers my D isnt working properly so if i miss a D im sorry for the ones i might of missed
DDddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd xddddddddd

2 more giveaways

just came across this fab blog she is having a giveaway
check it out dont forget to follow her :D


and for the second one is a guess the time she was born giveaway

have a guess but the competition ends TONIGHT! so hurry.


good luck


Blogger of the Week

Goes to...sinead from

go check her blog out its fab. and while your at it follow her and enter her giveaway.


sorry for the lateness ive had a rather lazy weekend and yday i was working 11 till 7 then went out with my girlies didnt get home till late just collapsed when i got home :) btw dont see jennifers body its rubbish i didnt see the point in it its sooo wierd i fell asleep and i mean i actualy did my friend woke me up by frowing popcorn on me....i think thats the last time im going pics with them. so anyway dont forget to check sinead's blog out..



eyeshadow palette reviews

So i have two reviews for you. i just thought seen as though these two palettes are the ones i use praticaly everyday i should review them for you.
The first one is the Urban Decay Get Baked palette.

Okay so i am missing a colour my sister recieved this and it was broken so when she got a new one she gave it to me. and i love it its the best palette i have i love all of my others but this one i use all the time. the colours are very pigmented an the golds are so pretty. from what i could get out of the flipside colour(which was a green btw) the colour was so nice a gawjus shimmer.  tbh i dont know how much it cost i i will have to have a look.i think it was £15 any who. if you want a perfect warm smokey eye get this palette its amazing. half baked is really good for a soft gold i usualy put this on and put baked over the top. just for that extra glisten.

just a preview of what i had on today using get baked.

The next one is the sleek storm palette. the first of my sleek palette. this was my first love until i met get baked (gawd that sounded strange but you get my drift) any who apart from fallout the palette is really good the colour pay off is fantastic with or without a base. i usualy use the light gold light brown and gold on the top row 3 next to each other started from one in (does that make sense?) and the black one. now my only problem with this is the fallout especially with the black it is terrible for that but thats why i do my eyes first so i can just wipe away any fallout its basically the same with any eyeshadow really. the copper colour on the bottom is fab. i love it when i just want one warm colour for my lid i use this with a tiny bit of the light gold on the center of the lid. oooh love it.i havent really got a photo for this. that i know of.
but i would definatly reccomend this to anyone. its a definate must have.

okay so i shall see you soon




Blog Of the Week Goes to......


Well done. Jen. =]

I Know she is my sister but i do love her blog :D

I havent been shopping...depressing i know but its nearly christmas and  i  need to buy christmas presents so ive told myself if i buy at least 2 presents then i will buy some more makeup because im suffering with withdrawel symptoms. AND the new MAC holiday collection is out and i really wanna take a peek at that.

well have a nice friday :)



Thanks Sister!

My sister (http://all-that-glitters-and-sparkles.blogspot.com/) nominated me for this award. Thank You Sis. x

So, the rules of this blog award are:

Add the logo to your blog

Link to the person from whom you received the award

Nominate 7 or more blogs

Leave a message on their blogs, letting them know they are 'One lovely blog'

The blogs i nominate for this award are:

  http://kandeethemakeupartist.blogspot.com/ ( i just <3 her blog and her)
  http://eliza-mclellan.blogspot.com/ (my blogger of the week)
  http://all-that-glitters-and-sparkles.blogspot.com/ (my sister)



Blog Of the Week....sorry its late.

Yes i am sorry its late i was very very bvery busy yday.
Any way

 My first blogger award goes to.......
Eliza- Makeup Junkie

I love her blog Check it out.

Any nominations for next weeks award comment below.

Good Luck




This Charming Girl!

Omg i was just browsing my emails and i looked :this charming girlis nowfollowing you on twitter so i went  on her twitter she makes jewellery im guessing its a her i was too excited to research before  i post lols. so anywho i went on her site and the stuff is soo cute i think i shall definatly be buying some stuff from her.....check her  out


I have noticed i have reached 20 followers i think im either gonna wait until i have a bit more money to fund a giveaway or wait untill christmas so its like a christmas giveaway :D

Have a nice day.



Blog Of the Week.....Coming Soon.

(This picture has nothing to do with the post i just like the look of the cake Yumm.)

I think im gonna do something on the lines of Blog Of the Week.
Im Gonna do it every Friday. (if i remember fingers crossed)
If any of you fellow bloggers recommend anyblog it could be yours comment below. :)

Good Luck



Pamper Night.

Okay so basicaly ive been on MAF all night looking at fellow makeup junkies have a pamper night. just to show you here is my picture

yes rather embarrasing have you seen my teeth eww, whitening kit being bought.
i did have to take this mask off it really irritated my skin. :(
so anyway of you havent come across this amazing forum before check it out its FAB the people are so nice and you can always count on some good advice.

Have Fun xXx


Clothes Show Live.

okay...... i wanna go to the clothes show in birmingham soo soo soo much. is anybody going to this.

im thinking about getting the platinum tickets for £37 this includes :Upgrade your ticket to a Platinum Pass to receive all the Standard Ticket benefits PLUS fast track entry with great seats in the Fashion Theatre, and a goody bag and showguide hmm. sound good i think so my dear.

This means saving money up to go shopping.......... excited now!


Review: bare minerals quick change brush cleanser.

I am NOT happy with this product. its only £6 but omg its rubbish and the smell is really..hmm chemicaly if thats the word but you know what i mean. i wanted a brush cleanser that cleans my brushes well inbetween shampooing and drys quickly if i needed the same brush for a look. (does that make sense?) I was just too excited so when i got home i tried this out and it just rubbish it doesnt clean the brush properly and my brushes are still a tiny bit damp. its £6 for 110ml and its rubbish i might try selling it on ebay. its just no good.

Next Review..............MAC's Fix+ Yea.

Until next time

S xXx

very small haul.

okay so today i popped into town and i mean popped i was there for an hour so basicaly half an hour getting there then 1hour shopping then an hour back hehe. i went into boots and got some bodyform  for my free jemma kidd lipglosses. they were only £1 wow. then went into selfridges and got the quick dry bare minerals brushes cleanser and then fix+ from MAC. when i was walking out people were giving free mint areos out so of course i grabbed one :) then i went into superdrug and got the nyc colour wheel in translucent and Gosh Darling i was doing my eyes this morning and thought i needed a nude lipstick and i had to get it. i was finaly ready for it lols. when i first saw it i was just like OMG i dont like it but now obs i do :)

okay so pictures............

okay so i fort id include this to show you how i had my eyes todayomg have you seen my eyebrows. cant wait for payday. i hardly put any eyeliner on today because it looked really good without but it killed me only putting a little bit on and i used liquid liner :o i never use it lols. so anyway here is what i bought today .


S xXx

halloween competition..yes i know im kindof late with it.

its 2 days to go and for some strange reason ive only just seen this. hmm.
okay so hurry up and check this gal out if she gets 13 i think more she will give a 2nd prize away  a sleek palette of YOUR choice so get following.


Good Luck

S xXx


Shopping List!

So i went on E.L.F http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/ and clicked on EVERYTHING. oh yes so next payday £30 is going to elf. i got to £30 so i could get the free shipping. i cannot wait. i took a printscreen at my shopping bag.

woo. so if any of you can give me any idea of how good these items are please tell me if they are bad/good before the 29th (thats the day im buying them)


Happy Blogging.......no okay

S. xXx

Barry M Dazzle Dust.

....I dont actually like them. i have about 8 and i just dont like them the colour pay off is rubbish with or without a base. maybe its just me but compared to some other e/s powders i have its just not that good. im not a BIG fan on Barry M i mean i love his products and all put i think i just have to invest time into the products my sister has a few products ...i think. http://all-that-glitters-and-sparkles.blogspot.com/
i have a blush that i didnt like when i bought it then i started to like it but my little sister pinched it off me so i might have to buy a new one. i have one nail polish that i LOVE. but i have no idea where it is..i think its about time to route through lil sisters room.
so thats really what i wanted to say.
i was going to go to town today to get some more makeup but my dad rang me up saying my sky+ box is available now so i have to pay £50 for that leaving me with £65 left but im going for a meal with my friend tonight so i will have to see what i have left. :( GUTTED. was really looking forward to it.




MAYBE i dont know any suggestions people? would be very helpful.

i was thinking girl about town after my 2nd favourite mac lipstick well my first i actualy dont own but i am getting it next pay day its up the amp eveytime i walk into mac i always ask and they never have it in gawd.
so anyway suggestions would be very helpfull and who knows if i really like the name you suggested i might just go out and buy you a lil somink somink ;)

so please get thinking for me as i am rubbish at making names up

have a nice day

x S



I Want This......................NOW!!!!

The makeup forever aqua eyes collector set but i dont think i want to think about the price, on sephora its $249 im so glad we dont have a sephora or else i'll be skint i've just spent 5 mins on there and already i want to buy EVERYTHING. that calls for it i definatly wish i was american and living over there. they can get soooo  much better make up over there it actualy depresses me.

Hopefully tomorrow i might get to pop into town and go into MAC and buy the volcanic ash thermal mask.ive heard so many goof reviews and everyone is raving about it so i thought i'd give it a try. im sure i will post if i get it.



looks whos building up her brush collection..

its me :) i was just looking at my vanity/draws and i realised how my brushes have grew. i started off with like 3 rubbish brushes now i cant actualy be bothered counting them.

okay i was going to tell you what i use them for but thats oretty obvious really.
the only thing the green brushes i went out when i was going to do my creative looks and bought some artist brushes so i could get a sharp look it kindof worked i use two of the brushes for everyday use i use the thin one for eyeliner i love it the only problem is i have to clean in everytime i use it because if i dont the next time i come to use it it doesnt do its job right. and the other one i either use it to get foundation in those difficult to get to areas or concelor round my nose. and of course i do need to clean my face brushes my eye brushes i spot clean every use because i use different colour almost everyday i could use green one day and pink the next so if i dont clean them i wil have to have the same colours the next day...thats just not me.
okay so thats my brushes so far.


S x

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