My walk to work on the 1st day of december.

so when i was taking my lovely walk to work at half 7 this morning in the oh so minus something temperature the most gorgeous sun rise and it was all frosty and what not. what made me laugh was 3 little birds were skating across the lake that made my day. so i took some pictures for you. Enjoy.

so this is the not so appealing path. its a bit Erg!

look how pretty.

this is my fav pic.

stupid fences :(

soo after this lovely treat
ive decided to show you just how much hair i actualy had chopped off, now bare in mind my hair went past the half way point of my back. i should be posting a pic tmoz for you, i just havent gotton around to taking a picture...so brace yourselfs, hold on to your makeup brushes girls....................

 look i nearly cried she found some more hair after i took this picture.

so i shall see you tmoz xx

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