Sorry... :(

sorry ive been abit lazy lols. i have pics taken and what not for hauls and FOTDs but just havent gotton around to it considering ive been off for 10days now hmm. well anyway since its snowing i decided to post a couple of pictures up because im in the christmas mood.

so heres me and the snow-woman we made i wanted it really round but it just didnt work out the way we wanted so her it is and yes i stuck the eyelashes on. good job there ones i dont like.   : P

and this one is my house : D not really much of a story to tell you lols. but theres MEE!!.

this one is me and my beautiful niece gawd i love her.

and this one omg. we have a park on our estate and its like a minute walk from my house so i sent my sisters boyfriend to the park to get loads of snow to make jackette (jackie=snowwoman) a but fatter. and he shouted my over and there was this just over average snowball in the middle so i went to get it and roll it home. omg we were there for about half an hour and we were at the bottom end of the park so i had to roll it allthe way across the park down the road cross the road and get it on my grass. well it was like a blizzard out there at one point and i got left on my own (how rude) it took me 10mins to get about 2 meters. then my brother came home and he started pushing it and other people started to help. they pushed it onto the road and  we were sooo close to home and it just broke outside someones drive....they came home and saw a broken snowball outside their house..i ran leaving the randomers to it. hahah. caused a traffic jam on my estate so you can imagin how much trouble we caused. all in all it was sooo funny sad part was is they got all the snow on their grass :( but oh well i shall try again tmoz. i just thought id tell you all because it was so funny.

happy christmas....hope to be seeing your snowy pics.

links please : D xx



wooo! im now 19 woo! getting old now which is a bit sa because i dont get as much any more :( sadness. i wil post a pic of pressies when i have a chance xxx



heres a fab giveaway for you.

check it out.

 btw i have some post coming this weekend. just been crazy at work :(



i promised....

well i dont think i wrote promised but i dont want to be a let down (btw as im writing this i am taking my makeup off so appologies for mistsakes)

so two weeks ago i had my hair chopped i would say cut but the amount taken off it it was more like chopped :P
sorry it took me so long to post this but i just havent had much in me lately.
so here is what my hair looked like before..............

this pic was the only one where you can around about see how long my hair was.
okay so here it is...

look :O but i love it now. i was in tears when i first washed it but now i love it.
so ive decided to frow in some posing pics and a EOTD.

the ever so wierd pic it made me laugh.

and a just messing around. gawd im a poser sometimes...come on we all do it.

the Cheese on this!!

okay so EOTD which is more of a FOTD hmm.

please ignore the tide mark and eyebrows i fixed the tide after i saw this pic but couldnt really get a better picture.

so hope you liked it. and just to let you know i ended up poking myself in the eye with my baby wipe. good times.

Good Night.

Day 3 of the count down to christmas tmoz



My walk to work on the 1st day of december.

so when i was taking my lovely walk to work at half 7 this morning in the oh so minus something temperature the most gorgeous sun rise and it was all frosty and what not. what made me laugh was 3 little birds were skating across the lake that made my day. so i took some pictures for you. Enjoy.

so this is the not so appealing path. its a bit Erg!

look how pretty.

this is my fav pic.

stupid fences :(

soo after this lovely treat
ive decided to show you just how much hair i actualy had chopped off, now bare in mind my hair went past the half way point of my back. i should be posting a pic tmoz for you, i just havent gotton around to taking a picture...so brace yourselfs, hold on to your makeup brushes girls....................

 look i nearly cried she found some more hair after i took this picture.

so i shall see you tmoz xx