Shopping List!

So i went on E.L.F http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/ and clicked on EVERYTHING. oh yes so next payday £30 is going to elf. i got to £30 so i could get the free shipping. i cannot wait. i took a printscreen at my shopping bag.

woo. so if any of you can give me any idea of how good these items are please tell me if they are bad/good before the 29th (thats the day im buying them)


Happy Blogging.......no okay

S. xXx


  1. The studio eyeshadow brush is amazing, i love this. The studio bronzers i have used are the warm and the golden but not the cool but i would definately recommend them.
    I love all the studio brushes infact, the flat top powder brush is amazing!
    Havent tried any of the normal product line though so i suppose im not much help really, sorry! xx

  2. Ooh Sez, will you order me the flat top powder brush and I will give you the money (promise!!) I don't want to do an order for 1 brush!! x


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