Review: bare minerals quick change brush cleanser.

I am NOT happy with this product. its only £6 but omg its rubbish and the smell is really..hmm chemicaly if thats the word but you know what i mean. i wanted a brush cleanser that cleans my brushes well inbetween shampooing and drys quickly if i needed the same brush for a look. (does that make sense?) I was just too excited so when i got home i tried this out and it just rubbish it doesnt clean the brush properly and my brushes are still a tiny bit damp. its £6 for 110ml and its rubbish i might try selling it on ebay. its just no good.

Next Review..............MAC's Fix+ Yea.

Until next time

S xXx


  1. Try Clinique's brush cleanser. Better value at £11 for 200ml!

  2. thanks think i might try that when my MAC one has run out :D