very small haul.

okay so today i popped into town and i mean popped i was there for an hour so basicaly half an hour getting there then 1hour shopping then an hour back hehe. i went into boots and got some bodyform  for my free jemma kidd lipglosses. they were only £1 wow. then went into selfridges and got the quick dry bare minerals brushes cleanser and then fix+ from MAC. when i was walking out people were giving free mint areos out so of course i grabbed one :) then i went into superdrug and got the nyc colour wheel in translucent and Gosh Darling i was doing my eyes this morning and thought i needed a nude lipstick and i had to get it. i was finaly ready for it lols. when i first saw it i was just like OMG i dont like it but now obs i do :)

okay so pictures............

okay so i fort id include this to show you how i had my eyes todayomg have you seen my eyebrows. cant wait for payday. i hardly put any eyeliner on today because it looked really good without but it killed me only putting a little bit on and i used liquid liner :o i never use it lols. so anyway here is what i bought today .


S xXx


  1. Erm sister? You said you hated GOSH Darling

  2. sister read i put i was doing my makeup nd whilst deciding what colour lip i wanted i wanted a nude lip so i decided to get darling katie said to me the other day...do you have foundation on ur lip :O the cheek :) xx


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