Anne Hathaway!!!

Okay so i was pondering around some vlogs and came across this fabulous 15/16year old (have no idea how old she is) and got on to her blog and yes i will leave links at the bottom( i feel like i should make an accronym for that if thats the right word my english is rubbish i was shocked when i passes my gcse lmso atb<<< at the bottom. any way. her first post was just about her new videos coming up and at the bottom was a picture of anne hathaway in alice in wonderland as the white witch and and i love it but her eyebrows do scare me. her lips are amazing-ly RED. love them.
just look she does look amazing does that actualy make any sense hmm.

okay so i said links

check her out her new hair is fab.

Later( i need to comeup with a new goodbye.)


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  1. ahh thankyou for this mention, im glad you're looking forward to this look - sorry its taken a while, i have alot of revising for my module exams coming up soon (N). i'll follow your blog :) thanks again. xxxx


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