Clothes Show Live.

okay...... i wanna go to the clothes show in birmingham soo soo soo much. is anybody going to this.

im thinking about getting the platinum tickets for £37 this includes :Upgrade your ticket to a Platinum Pass to receive all the Standard Ticket benefits PLUS fast track entry with great seats in the Fashion Theatre, and a goody bag and showguide hmm. sound good i think so my dear.

This means saving money up to go shopping.......... excited now!



  1. Do you still not want to pay for me to go with you?

  2. youve had your christmas present off me already i dunno i really wanna go though what if i can persuade matt to pay £20 for ur xmas pressie xx

  3. I'm supposed to be going if I don't get let down by my 'friend'. I tried to get the platinum tickets but they were sold out on the days I could go. Boo.