Barry M Dazzle Dust.

....I dont actually like them. i have about 8 and i just dont like them the colour pay off is rubbish with or without a base. maybe its just me but compared to some other e/s powders i have its just not that good. im not a BIG fan on Barry M i mean i love his products and all put i think i just have to invest time into the products my sister has a few products ...i think. http://all-that-glitters-and-sparkles.blogspot.com/
i have a blush that i didnt like when i bought it then i started to like it but my little sister pinched it off me so i might have to buy a new one. i have one nail polish that i LOVE. but i have no idea where it is..i think its about time to route through lil sisters room.
so thats really what i wanted to say.
i was going to go to town today to get some more makeup but my dad rang me up saying my sky+ box is available now so i have to pay £50 for that leaving me with £65 left but im going for a meal with my friend tonight so i will have to see what i have left. :( GUTTED. was really looking forward to it.



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