looks whos building up her brush collection..

its me :) i was just looking at my vanity/draws and i realised how my brushes have grew. i started off with like 3 rubbish brushes now i cant actualy be bothered counting them.

okay i was going to tell you what i use them for but thats oretty obvious really.
the only thing the green brushes i went out when i was going to do my creative looks and bought some artist brushes so i could get a sharp look it kindof worked i use two of the brushes for everyday use i use the thin one for eyeliner i love it the only problem is i have to clean in everytime i use it because if i dont the next time i come to use it it doesnt do its job right. and the other one i either use it to get foundation in those difficult to get to areas or concelor round my nose. and of course i do need to clean my face brushes my eye brushes i spot clean every use because i use different colour almost everyday i could use green one day and pink the next so if i dont clean them i wil have to have the same colours the next day...thats just not me.
okay so thats my brushes so far.


S x

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  1. Your brush collection looks amazing! Ive just started collecting MAC brushes so only have 5 so far! But i have a few Gosh & body shop ones and i love them!

    I may have to do a post like this! I love it!

    Great blog xx


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