Hair cut...revistited.

okay last one. havent blogged for awhile so im making up for it. any who i have fell in love with http://www.beautyandblogs.blogspot.com/ ( sorry i dont actualy know your name) :) hair it is AMAZING. i want mine like it. the colour of my hair is now a plum colour it was from loreal called plum power i think my sister has the same colour i absolutly love it best colour i have every had in my hair and the smell is gorgeous. and who i really want it cut i had cut a month ago but i was too scared to have the length cut my hair is really long well not so much anymore but it is and to have it cut somewhat short is heartbreaking but i cant actualy do anything with it and my fringe OMG. i will have to take a picture and post it. just so you can get the really picture of my hair. link to the video of her hair is..........here>>>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIFUqpSCQEI <<<<<<<<<<

good night

xxx S.

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