eyeshadow palette reviews

So i have two reviews for you. i just thought seen as though these two palettes are the ones i use praticaly everyday i should review them for you.
The first one is the Urban Decay Get Baked palette.

Okay so i am missing a colour my sister recieved this and it was broken so when she got a new one she gave it to me. and i love it its the best palette i have i love all of my others but this one i use all the time. the colours are very pigmented an the golds are so pretty. from what i could get out of the flipside colour(which was a green btw) the colour was so nice a gawjus shimmer.  tbh i dont know how much it cost i i will have to have a look.i think it was £15 any who. if you want a perfect warm smokey eye get this palette its amazing. half baked is really good for a soft gold i usualy put this on and put baked over the top. just for that extra glisten.

just a preview of what i had on today using get baked.

The next one is the sleek storm palette. the first of my sleek palette. this was my first love until i met get baked (gawd that sounded strange but you get my drift) any who apart from fallout the palette is really good the colour pay off is fantastic with or without a base. i usualy use the light gold light brown and gold on the top row 3 next to each other started from one in (does that make sense?) and the black one. now my only problem with this is the fallout especially with the black it is terrible for that but thats why i do my eyes first so i can just wipe away any fallout its basically the same with any eyeshadow really. the copper colour on the bottom is fab. i love it when i just want one warm colour for my lid i use this with a tiny bit of the light gold on the center of the lid. oooh love it.i havent really got a photo for this. that i know of.
but i would definatly reccomend this to anyone. its a definate must have.

okay so i shall see you soon



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  1. Great post hun, the urban decay palette looks gorgeous & the colours in it look amazing! Love the look you created with this, looks really pretty!

    <3 xox