Sunday's Product

woo! a girls best friend, you can never leave the house without it on. the one im loving right now is Maxfactors false lash effect in black. i dont think it lives up to its name but its a pretty good mascara definatly makes them fuller.

on the wand it looks clumpy but it doesn't come off clumpy on your lashes. 
i bought this mascara before christmas so its definatly on its way out. i might just be my first mascara i have EVER re-purchased. 

Okay that was my last post in FAVOURITE PRODUCTS WEEK. hope you enjoyed it and more will be coming in the future. 

if you have any request/ideas of what you would like my to post on my blog just email or comment below.
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  1. I've tried a few Max Factor mascara before. This one looks quite good, might give it a go.

    By the way, I've given you an award at http://mybutterfly63.blogspot.com/

    Lisa x