FACE WEEK: Garnier pureA intensive night treatment gel

This for drug store is Fab. it doesn't magically work over night but it soothes the spot. i would say it takes about two/three nights to clear the spot. the smell isn't the best of smells but what spot treatment gel is?
you only need a little dot on each spot and massage it into the skin. it feels abit sticky but that soon fades. on a spot that has scabbed over it does sting for a couple of seconds but i always think that its working if it stings only because my skin feels it so it must be doing something.

"its formula with salicylic acid and zinc fights blemishes and helps to clear imperfections and their marks while leaving the skin comfortable"

i don't think i have any problem with this because it has been working for about 5 months now and its over half full so i have another few months before i have to chuck it. i think its was £5 or more possibly im not sure on the price i bought it just before Christmas.

i highlighted help because it annoys me when people moan about products that don't magically work for them. it says helps to clear not get rid of them straight away. just to clarify that. :D

tomorrow's post will be the last of my reviews for FACE WEEK! keep a look out.

MIM xx

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