FACE WEEK: Garnier clean&soft cleansing milk

I Love this stuff. it makes taking my makeup off so easy. and it doesn't sting my eyes at first when i had no idea how to use it around my eyes it did but when i figured out away to do it none went into my eyes. i put a bit of a cotton pad then pressing it on another one so i have two then close my eyes and press one of each pads on my eyes making sure i have covered my whole lid then wipe. its all off i might have to clean up a little bit. did that make sense i hope it did i would show but i ran out of it last week.
How does it work?
complete cleansing milk is enriched with cleansing micro-dispersed oils and essence or rose. the creamy formula perfectly removes make-up impurities whilst being very gentle. it provides your skin with care and comfort, and leaves it clean&soft"

I find this the same as the toner it leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft and the smell is gorgeous. 
the texture is too thick and its too thin. its just right. the amount of cleansing milk i have used and there were so runny. 

i love garnier their products are amazing. with my skin i have to be careful with what skin care i use because don't want to break out in spots. garnier just does everything i want it to do. and my skin feels amazing afterwards. the two products i have might not get rid of my spots but they help clean and refresh my skin actually i do have one garnier product that gets rid of spots but you'll just have to read tomorrows post :D 

MIM xx

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