Sleek Bohemian

I was looking forward to this palette I think its because the packaging was white.....that's the worse thing really.
Sleek have competitions on their FB page and I was lucky enough to win a palette of my choice so I thought hmm might as well get the new one. I've not had a play with this yet got it on Saturday I've swatched it and that's it really.
I'm pretty bad at swatching I'm sorry, I am.
my camera washed out the yellow and creamy colours. tip your computer screen back a little bit you'll be able to see it. i forgot to swatch black but its black we all know what it looks like. especially if you have one of their palettes its the same black. 

on to the packaging ....URG!! I hadn't even taking it out of the box and it was dirty so I wasn't very impressed but i got it for free so I cant complain can I? oh well. apparently though sleek have realised the situation and taking it into consideration <

Next Post.....Rimmel colour show off.

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