Liberty of London and Art Supplies Haul.

Okay so the other friday i went shopping for holiday clothes.....didnt go very well wasnt in the mood to fin clothes so i ended up at MAC to look at the new collections. i LOVED them i havent been interested in a collection for ages. i just wanted to buy everything. stupid job i want to be rich...dont we all?

so i bought at first blooming lovely lipstick and two lip stains  style setter and runway ripened. so i rang my sister
http://all-that-glitters-and-sparkles.blogspot.com/ and she wanted my to get ever hip...that i sooo want right now. and after waiting about 20 mins for someone to come back up to me after buying them lot before noone came so i gave up and went back an hour later and persuaded myself into buying english accent lipgloss that i called british accent at the time :] cause im stupid.
so here are the swatches.
english accent on left and blooming lovely on right. the lighting in my room is terrible you cant really see the sheer-ness to these two amazing products. i love them and together wow! i will try and do a FOTD soon wearing this.

top is runway ripened and bottom stylesetter.
i love these lipstains but if you smudge then you've had it, the product stays on your skin for over a day so be careful ha. 

Next post...ELF HAUL.


  1. You need to use the flash on your camera and put it on Macro setting x

  2. Oooh you got some nice goodies.
    I picked up all the four lippies and think Blooming Lovely may be my favourite. :)
    Such a pwitty colour.

  3. i had flash on it bleached out the colour ill have a look tmoz dad took my camera to work today :(

    @milly i love blooming lovely so glad i bought it . it is soo pretty x


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