We Have A WINNER!!

(just before i start if the winner hasn't got back to me within 48 hours i will have to choose another winner.)

i'm spose to be getting ready to go shopping i have to be ready in half an hour oops! this giveaway is more important.
so i woke up at 8 and closed the giveaway officially. got a pad and paper and wrote down everyone that entered.
you got one entry for entering
another one for posting on your blog
and another entry for tweeting about it.

so if you did all 3 i wrote your name down three times.

so i cut them all out and folded them up put my camera on the fastest picture taking setting and swirled my hand around and what ever piece of paper i was holding when the camera took the picture was the winner.


the winner is

yURI. from  http://ms-yee23.blogspot.com/
yURI in wonderland.

congrats i am now going shopping and will pick up your choices and a mystery prize.
as an extra prize i will keep a link to your blog on my sidebar until i do another giveaway.

yURI please email me your address and what not at

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