Fridays Product.

Okay so Today's Product is Lee Stafford Bling hair serum.
it says say l8erzz to fluffy, flyaway,frizzy hair. and its not a 100% true to its word but its close. i had abit of frizz but i put it down to my VERY frizzy hair. my hair felt really nice and shiny after blow-drying.
if you look carefully you can see the glitter inside. i don't think it really makes a difference to your hair you can barely see it. i think that's why i like it because its a sort of hidden shimmer, kind of like Revlon photo ready foundation but a night time one. that makes no sense. 
so anyway just before blow drying my hair i squeeze some on to my finger tips and rub through my hair.
works like a treat yipee! 



  1. I heard about this product. I'm wondering if it's silicone free though. I'm obsessed now with Living proof products, because my hair is so boring, I feel it gives it life. :)


    xox Laura Beth

  2. @laura beth i read the ingredients and all i see is silica if they are the same thing so i dont think it is silicone free. shame its a good product.

    MIM xxx

  3. i use this! ive noticed when i have my picture taken and this is in my hair, you can see in the pic that my hair has some kind of sparkle to it! i love it


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