Favourite products week!

Okay so this week im going to show you what my favourite products are right now, makeup, hair, skin etc.
Todays fav product is
Sleeks Sunset palette.
the only palette that i havent got from sleek is ACID that shall be next on my list.
the sunset palette just has gorgeous colours and very well pigmented, although i dont use it as often as other palettes it is my favourite. i dont use it often because i have work and im lazy and like a lie in so i have like half an hour to get ready so i just stick with the plain natural look with my laura mercier colour wardrobe palette.
with flash

without flash

the colours are so shimmery and golden i LOVE them. The orange and blue are amazing so pretty. 
the only thing wrong with the palettes is that the fall out in the palette is not terrible but ive seen better. i spose you can see with how dirty it is. it doesnt really bother me but when i saw this picture i realised how dirty it was.

so heres a FOTD from yesterday 

Urg my blending. 

foundation chanel pro lumier 

blush nars orgasm

lips LoL blooming lovely lipstick and english accent lipgloss

                                                                   MIM x


  1. I love the sunset palette, its the only one I have, but I use it so much.
    looking lovely xx

  2. I looove that palette too. I love how you made such a soft look with it. Whenever I use it I'm always like, OOOOH RED AND ORANGE!!!1!! :D

  3. Thank you both of you :] i just kept blending it always works. if all else fails pop a white on the inner corner that why it will lighten the colours up a bit. xx


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