Colour show off.

So when I saw the advert it was obvious that I had to go out and buy one or two. I didn't get paid much so I stuck to one but I shall be going out next pay day and getting more.

The smell yum its like a watermelon smell I don't know if that's the same with the other shades I hope so.
God the lighting. I think I'm just going to apologise every post that has a swatch :] this picture sorts of shows the colour for its true self.....well picture it with a coral red colour with a slight sheen then that's the lipstick. the shade I bought was 140 kiss me. I am defiantly getting more.

The packaging is so cute and  PINK this picture shows more of the colour.

i need to play around with this and see what its like I've put it on my lips a few times and it looked good just not really taken notice. I just LOVE the smell.

Next post..Nars Lips.

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