okay so my new obsession is nail varnish. i love it. I always have but when i left school and got a job i stopped wearing it because im not allowed
 to wear it :( but every day off i get i paint my nails. so I've been buying some lately Barry M really im gonna move on to other brands but i love the colours Barry M have.
okay so..

okay so from top left.
clear base and topcoat, pale blue,cyan blue, mint green, pale pink, berry, yellow
, pale yellow, coral, fuchsia, bright red. 

i love these colours the quality of the varnish on the other hand is a bit poor. it dries spongy is the word i think of. and i can just peel it off. i pick the nail varnish off my nails slowly but surely but with some of these colours they just "slide" off my nails.  but for £3 you cant ask for much really. 
I'm going to collect the whole collection of colours so I have them all then move on to another brand, makes sense really, to me any way.

if you need swatches or reviews comment below.

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Liberty of London haul and swatches. 

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