Haul from past few months

okay I promised my sister << visit her <<  that I will do a blog post this week and considering its Sunday I thought I should do it. I haven't blogged in ages I am sorry too busy too tired.

okay so this is what I've bought recently (in the past few months since January) I've forgotten a few things but minor really.
okay so first is lips

from left to right
Nars easy lover, Nars schiap, naked,st germain, rimmel 140 kiss me, LoL blooming lovely, runway ripened and style setter lipstains,english acent, nicely nude, cool coral, natural nymph.
in order of when i bought them from left to right, right being just recently bought.

okay palettes ive had two for a while now. the alice in wonderland bought on the day it came out online and the laura mercier palette bought off a girl on Makeupadviceforum.co.uk  

two sleek palettes bohemian and the original.
ELF palettes blusher in colours (starting from top left) 
coy, shy
glow, flushed.

eyes shadow the same from the angle shown
dust, truly pink
periwinkle, ivory

Foundations, okay im soo picky when it comes to foundations. i hate smelly ones like a cheap smell and it has to be a good coverage and the colour matches my skin but i cant find one both of these are the lightest shade and are a bit darker than my skin tone its stupid because im not that pale really just a strange colour.

if you want more info, reviews etc just ask i will do them ha. 

next post.....


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