NARS Lips.

This was ages ago I bought these two. I didn't buy them together I saw them both on the same day but could only afford one so I got the lipgloss because it was from a collection and I didn't want to chance missing out on it. then 2 weeks later I came back and got the lipstick... I love them both especially together very pretty. I sort of  have a picture of me wearing it out and about pardon the flicked up eyebrow hmm rather drunk by half 2 omg I bought this lipstick in February where has this year gone?

By the look of the lipstick it looks really bright but it isn't its a subtle pink MAC's girl about town is more pink than this. the lipgloss is gorgeous  quite sheer, its a little bit sticky but what lipgloss isn't? 
lipgloss on the left (easy lover), lipstick on right (schiap)

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