Popped into superdrug!

When i was walking through the town center yesterday i remember reading helen says blog on barry M new blushers so i obviously had to go in and get one.
 and as i was there i bought maybelline great lash ive always wanted it its been around for ages i think i will do a review when i have time tomorrow. and ofcourse i cant got into a drug store without buying some hand sanitizer and i also bought a wispa gold cause ive never had one and been looking EVERYWHERE for them and some moisturising eye drops my i left them somewhere when i get them back if i get them back i will post it. just thought id share this with you.
Oh btw when i get 20 followers im having a giveaway so fingers crossed its soon my sister is also doing the samething she has 4 more followers left i have 7 so people get advertising out blogs and get following
Thanks :)




  1. You left your eyedrops on the table at the hospital!

  2. hope you like the blusher! x