i have actualy decided that i am very lazy i wana blog but now im back in work its soooo much of an effort although i pop on everyday to see how many followers i have or new blog updates but if i post a blog its effort putting the pictures on anybody else find the putting pictures on the blog irritating i just get eerything into position then you realise youve forgot a picture and have to sort everthing out AGAIN. and is just me but has this page changed i mean wheres the font bit gone and the colour bit. umm.... strange? i think so. i have bought things taken pictures, done a fab look taken a picture etc but gawddd. blogger should definatly mak this picture uploading more easier.i think i should find some energy to do this. right okay watch this space well the one above it no actualy my next blog will take this space oh shut up.




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  1. Sez, my friend does Blog layouts! I think its £20 but she might give you a friend discount. And I upload all my pictures to photobucket and then do the direct link on the upload because if I upload them from my laptop they come out blurry on the blog x


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