New Stuff...

Well a week old stuff i bought last friday. oh payday we do love.
so after my fortnightly shopping trip with my best friend i decided to get a couple of things i need and the rest i just HAD to buy. i got a bit extra money this  payday and my first thought was spending spree at MAC but my mum decided to tell me i had to save some money. i didnt do well i doing this she did also say if i do spend all  my money spend it on something i need so i kindof took that advice. ummm.
anyway i spent £30 in boots. and a shocking £50 in superdrug omg. it broke my heart when she said the total but all but one is what i wanted to buy and kindof needed. and only £24 in MAC i controlled myself. well i wanted to buy everything but i just kept hearing my mum in my head so i got one thing for myself and the other for my sister an early christmas present.
then i had the hard decision shall i buy ugg boots or ghds? hard choice. i have very thick and long hair and very uncontrolable but i really really wanted ugg boots for christmas i had some cheap one from primark last year and loved them.
i didnt buy any of them very sad that is. i just couldnt bring myself to spend the money.

then i went into body care and got toiletries.
so anyway here is the picture of what i bought instead of having lots of pics i just might do a few. my camera is rubbish so good pictures is just hard to get for me. :(
tada  okay i know i said i didnt buy the ghds but when i got home that day my mum said she was taking my sister shopping so i jumped in the car with my two sisters and when my mum and little sister was in primark me and my older sister went to selfidges and i HAD to go back into MAC and just kill myself looking at the new collection. but couldnt bring myself to buy anything knowing i wouldnt have much money. so i went to buy these GHDs at a hairdressers they had a sale on so i got them for £99. woo go me.
okay stop rambling.
so apart from the fab straightners. i got the chaos palette from sleek.
garnier fresh essentials eye makeup remover.
No7 eyeshadow blend and contour brush
revlon contour shadow brush
barry M 302 fushia  nail poslish
maybeline pulse perfection vibrating mascara
urban decay shadow primer potion
barry M green glitter eye crayon
famous by sue moxley sunset strip eyeshadow and eyeliner kit.
eyecandy book from linda mason
the complete makeup and beauty book by  leigh toselli
blistex lip balm conditioner
carex hand sanitizer (also bought a smaller version)
johnsons baby shampoo
loreal studio secrets anti-redness primer
and the MAC fushia glitter
makeup/toiletry bag.
god that was long .
so here is a close up of the two eyeshadow palettes, the glitter from MAC and the makeup bag.
again sorry for the quality of the pictures.

so there you go my blog is now up to date actualy no it isnt i bought some stuff of ebay now that will have to be a different time. im worn out.

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  1. What did you buy on ebay? You need to do a review of the vibrating mascara...if you are at home I'm on my way down and will have a go with it x