Okay ive decided i better up date this blog and finaly put my pictures on. so im gonna do a few post today.
okay first one eyes.
ive been buying palettes and trying them out on me and my friends. ive found some colours are rubbish and not very pigmented. and otheres i am in love with. i like to mix matte colours and iridecent colours just to give that eye i little sparkle which i love and i think you will all agree us girls do like a glisten to our look.
okay so the first couple are just of me.

this one is my cousin it was just a quick look when we went to the cinemas. i used my 120 palette and my sleek storm palette, for a highlight. and of course MAC blacktrack fluidline and maybelline stiletto mascara.
okay i finaly did it and theyve changed it wow its good i realised that i was on the wrong tab when writing  a post. what am i like. and when i was messing around with the settings i found that you can change from the old version and and new one.

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