London Fashion Week 2009!

ooohhhhh im so excited London Fashion week is fast approaching. yes the week where everyone well every fashion conscious person lives for. i mean im never a big one into fashion but london fashion week i LOVE.
even though most outfits are wonderfully outragous and something that you wouldnt actualy wear out on the street, unless your lady gaga. but it sorts of gives you some sense on what sort of clothes you can buy this season. i love watching all the new season clothes go in shops i can spend ages just going in different shops looking at them. i would never buy them because anything i buy i just look stupid in so ive recently given up on clothes i think ill just stick to my boring plain old clothes and just jazz them up with bangles and ofcourse makeup.
i think ill give gok wan a call and see if he could help me out. no neck scarfs though i cant be doing with them. ohh crumbs no.
okay so girlies go mad have a great fashion week.

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  1. fashion weeks are always so much fun. :) i really like ny fashion week, but that's probably only because i live in america. :)