maybelline pulse perfection vibrating mascara

okay i think this is my first proper review. so yea.

i recently bought the new vibrating mascara. what will they think of next. when i saw this in superdrug i just had to get it and with it being on offer i grabbed it.
the wand is fab but im a bit unsure of it works with the vibrating-ness. because the wand is small, well thin it doesnt really put the mascara on the lash yea it seperates the lashes and makes them look natural but what girl going out to a party or something wants "natural" lashes. not me anyhow. it is a good first coat or good for work or school but if you want full lashes than i would wait for a better wand to come out in it.
i do love this but its just i love fuller lashes more and unless i put lots of coats on its not gonna work. also holding the button down to make it vibrate is annoying they should have a twisty lid of something i know beauty is time and effort but come on youll be more focusing on pressing the button that youll just miss the lash and hit your nose we dont want that do we?
advice to maybelline.....make the vibrating process easier or atleast think about it before producing it. i know it must be hard making a little battery size thing make the whole wand vibrate but with all this technology these days i think it can be done. but we all start somewhere just look at the computer how big that was now we have phones and notebook laptops.
try harder maybelline good luck cant wait to try your next product.

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  1. wow i haven't heard of that mascara before. i don't think you can get it anywhere here in germany at the moment.