Okay so i was just looking through my Blog as you do, you know and realised its only been a month and like a week or so that i have been doing this for and this post its like my 29th or 30th one. but looking back at my collection post omg what on earth, i was just like look how much i didnt have and considering its only been so long i have bought ALOT or makeup and i have organised everything well its getting a bit messy now because i have too much makeup. but im slowley getting there. i have my routine on how i do my makeup and where it all goes and everything else. its a shame everything else in my room isnt as organised. you just see a little neat bit in the corner of my room its shocking when you walk in. any way. i now have 4 MAC brushes which i love every single one. and i have more brushes ones i just bought. i am though in desperate need of eye brushes. i bought a chanel one for £8 of makeupadvice forum. i will post when i recieve them. and for eyeshadows gosh i never liked eyeshadow much but i love it i cant go a day without it. i walk into work and everyone is like wow i like your eyes and a girl came over to me and said gawd do you just have a different colour on your eyes everyday.....yes of course. doing the same look is BORING. and i love colour i mean when im not in the mood i will just so a smokey eye but thats only like once a week. any way. im off im going to see Disney Princesses on Ice woo!  oh and just a quick point i bought tresseme hairspray not the new one a big fat bottle and its awful on my hair erg the feel of it, its just not right. so..



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