Okay so today i went out and bought storage. Not much but a little to help me whilst i sort myself out.

I do think i looks so much better than before.

Well not so much organised until i get draws on payday but if you compare them then yes its so much better. :)

Oh can't forget my draw.

I'm proud of myself.

Okay so in here i just have extra things like my kabuki bronzer brushes (Chrismas Presents) and my most used nail varnish's i have a case for my others.

In this Utensil holder i just have accesories like curlers,sharpeners,nail varnish remover, hairspray and eyelashes.

Aww i have a pot for my brushes. its only little because it didnt make sense buying a big one when i haven't got many brushes (Yet!)

and the little on just has bobbi pins in.

Okay, these fantastic little things that i saw on someone's youtube video i think they are fantastic from Ikea from about £1.49 they hand on a rail but i need to put that up after i have sorted that corner out :) i have my foundation in one and powder in the other. Love It!

This Jar. I Love it, it looks cute and its handy doesnt make my draw look messy with the bag being placed in there. Ikea.

I bought some boxes it was 3 for £1.49 Ikea. i love them so comact and cute. i have liners in one, mascara in one and cotton buds in the other.

And this last one i haven't got much eyeshadow so i thought they will fit in here, they do :) it was from wilkis for £2 Bargin.

Okay now i'll show you makeup i bought today

I thought that i should try and matte mousse and i love it coverage is amazing compared to liquid.

Lipstick i dont really wear it but times can change. these are from Rimmel London £5+ each the colours are gogeous.

52:hello and 830:crystal mauve.

I have bought 3 new brushes eyeliner one from Gosh £6.49 bargin i might add and its really good for my first brush anyhow. a ecofriendly eyeshadow brush i think the only downside is that its made from synthetic hair so it wont pick up powder as much as i want. and a new foundation brush. I saw it in wilkis for £4+ so i thought i'd grab it. It's a good brush but i think i will buy a MAC one when i have the money.

And one last thing. My sister did my eyes Today I like them but a tiny bit too dark :) thanks Jen xx



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