Home Improvement!

Well not so much home as makeup area of bedroom and not so much improvement as in ideas.

okay i just liked the idea of the name.

so anyway.

i have just won this


how amazing £32 £34.50 inc p&p off ebay

12 MAC pigment eyeshadows :O excited


Other new on my travels of my makeup bag and beyond i found a sharpener woo so i decided to well sharpen all of my liners. well at first it was going as planned it kept snapping then i had to clean the sharpener it took time and in the end i came out with this.....

im proud it wont last long but thats the first for me for a while. but i have realised that i need to buy new sharpeners and also not to use the same sharpeners for both coloured liners and white liners it doesnt mix well. well see you soon.




  1. lucky. im jealous of all your mac! :D

  2. Was all the Mac from ebay genuine when you recieved it? Thats such a bargin :/ but im way too conscious to buy any of there as always hearing scam stories.