Big Brother!!!

Well i dont really post anything about bigbrother but im just soo happy Marcus has gone its unbelievable. i hated him so arrogant its untrue. the snide remarks and the minipulating was doing my head in that i just couldnt watch him. and plus his hair reminded me of his. eww! just how frizzy it is. Whilst im on the subject. what is his hair all about at all? its just not happening. he actualy thinks hes a wolf. whats that about? im telling you there are some strange people in this world it puzzles me how people can think like that.

Bea i loved Bea, just how she said what ever she wanted and didnt care about the consequences. yea she needed a slap but doesnt everybody? shes rich, shes a snob, shes fabulous. i love her. it was her time though. i think if marcus and freddie went before her she would of lasted until the last week but be the first out. she just isnt winning material. like rachel last year. yea she lovely but shes quite and boring. bb winners usualy bring fun to the house have a laugh and when they get out we hear from them for about a year later but no rachel. if Bea would of won she might of stuck her head out in the gossip world for about 4 months then got lost somewhere.

Sophie wins it for me. how blonde is she? shes fantastic. just how she is unaware of how dopey she is. and her boobs are they real or fake they must be fake shes tiny it just doesnt make sense to me. anyway. if sophie doesnt win BB is either fixed or the public are stupid.

Okay im tired now.

Night off for some beauty sleep.



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