My Gosh I Think I've Found It :).

Being A Make-Up Artist! Maybe With My Fantastic Sister.
How Great Would That Be Eh?
Look At Me Being On Cloud 9 Again!
But Its A Dream.

I've Always Been Interested In Make-up, How It Works Etc.
It Wasnt Until My Sister Started Being Intrested That It Helped Me Abit
On What I Like About It.

The Colours, Shades, Brushes, Accesories. It All Amazes Me.
When I Step Into MAC. And See All The Make-up Sitting There All Shiny And Expencive.
When It Comes Down To Price I Dont Think I Care. I'd Rather Spend Lots Of Money Buying One Thing That Will Last A Long Time And Does The Job Than Spend The Same About Buying Something Over And Over Again.

In December '08 I Bought A Bronzer From MAC. And I Still Have It Now, I Can Just About See The Metal At The Bottom Through A Tiny Hole. If I Bought A Bronzer Say From Loreal For About £8.50 It Would Last About 4 Months And I Dont Wear Bronzer Much I Prefer A Natural Look Than A Tanned Look Concidering That Im Not Very Tanned Else Where. Paying £16 For My MAC. Bronzing Powder Was The Best Thing I Have Ever Done.

I Would Say My Wonderful Sister Kind of Inspired Me To Look More Into Make-up. Ins And Outs, Ups And Downs and Places I Think I Havent Even Heard Of. It Intriges Me To Find It All Out And Be Able To Use Everything I Learn In The Future.

I Think My Business Idea Will Be Good. Going Mobile, Having A Shop In Town Or Having Both, Doing Weddings, Photo Shoots, Proms Etc.
Sister Sister Doing What They Love. It Most Prob Wont End Up Happening But Hey Its A Dream.

But First I Have Actualy Got To Go To College And Learn Omg :O Ive Got One Year Left Before I Have To Pay. :( Actualy I Dont I Turn 19 In December So Its September Or Ill Have To Pay. Oh No! Better Get Going Then. Maybe An Apprenticship Might Be In Order, I Dont Have The Patience To Sit In A Classroom For 2+ Years God NO!

Later. :)


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