New Haircut..I Think?

The time has come where i just can't do ANYTHING with my hair anymore its just so LONG!! and my fringe what is that about?

i have fallen in love with Dannii Minogue's Bob i want something like that but maybe with out the fringe? i work in a place that just doesnt agree with my fringe it makes it greasy too quick! i have to pin it up after an hour and considering i spend 40 hours aweek there my fringe is ALWAYS up and when i put it down i hate it so i put it up typical.

So ive been looking around and some celebs bob cuts.
(picture from nowmagazine.co.uk)

As we Know V.Beckham rocks her bobs in any style and thats what i love about her. HER HAIR. Umm. I've only found 2 celebs atm but wow i really want one. not decided what colour yet cause i L O V E my purple maybe if i find a deep purple not sure!!
(picture from ehow.com)

Can you imagin if i cut my hair i think i might actualy cry its sooo long and i love how long its gotten but not being able to do much is killing me. the SAME hairstyle E V E R Y D A Y. just not good. help would be helpful. :)



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