FACE WEEK: simple baby wipes

I can't stand makeup wipes they do my head in. there are quite dry and they smell. so i decided to swap and use baby wipes. i started to use Johnson's baby wipes then i thought they were a bit expensive so i went on the hunt for new ones. and found these I've used simple before and liked their stuff so i thought for £2 why not? i love them they are miles better than Johnson's more softer and only take one to take makeup off both eyes. that's a plus :)
i think thats all i can say really. in my opinion splashing an extra pound or two on johnson's or simple baby wipes is better than asda wipes. my mum bought me asda's the other week and ive gone through quite alot considering they murder my face and bring me out in spots.

Hoped you like my FACE WEEK! any products that you've been loving or loathing lately?

MIM xx


  1. I find a lot of baby wipes to be quite scratchy! I hated Simples make-up remover but I like thier other products so I might give these a go

  2. Have you tried MAC wipes? I love using them!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Like you, I absolutely can't stand makeup wipes. I must say the only ones I've tried were from Garnier but they left my eyes swelling, itchy and red for 2 days! I decided to try baby wipes when I saw a pack of 75 for $1 at my local dollar store and yes, they work (=

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