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Because i have 3 things i want to post about Aussie i thought i might put it all in one.

Okay so the first thing i want to tell you about is the
Aussome volume tribe party
okay maybe it was back in july and im a bit late but hey save the best till last....??

So me and my sister got an invite from the wonderful Emma asking if we wanted to go to the Aussome volume party and it was 60's theme so of course we had to go, Aussie do the best events. it was in my beautiful yet rainy home town of Manchester, in the northern quarter in Bluu bar. When we arrived we were treated with champagne and lots of it.
The whole night was based on Massive 60's hair. I Love huge hair, it was hairspray and backcombing galore.
 Zara and Amber where there with their hairdryers, combs, hairspray and paddle brushes at the ready to treat us all with a Aussome hairstyle. Everybodys hairs look fab and voluminous. "Bee hive for me please, the bigger the better" and so i got my wish with a few added curls. After i had my hair done i wrote my rather drunken hair tip for the style bible which i will show you on the next part.

A few Cocktails and karaoke songs later me and my sister had to go to catch the last train home and leave the rest of thr angels having fun, considering we are the ones that live in Manchester we are the first ones to go  :( but we had a fantastic night that will never be forgotten.
As we said goodbye Emma gave us a goodie bag that had some marvellous products in not to mention the yummy lollipop we munched on the walk to the train station.

i also got a headband and a maxfactor liquid eyeliner that i haven't put down since i put it on everyday and it stays put i love it best eyeliner i have ever used (review coming soon).

The Style Bible
this past of the post is about the style bible aussie very graciously put together for us.
at each tribe parties every angel and guest had to write a down a hair tip to share with everyone. 
and boy did it help alot. 

This was my tip. I don't think this makes sense.
i know what it means because i wrote it.
What i mean is my hair is so thick it gets greasy easily. i decided to stop conditioning my hair every time i was it and i didn't wash it everyday because it makes my hair dry. I started off conditioning once a week then once a fortnight then i didn't condition i just used Aussie 3 minute miracle once a fortnight my hair wasn't as greasy as often it took a few months for my hair to get used to it and eventually my hair did start to look healthier and alot stronger which that wasn't my point of doing it but its a massive bonus. 
I've recently dyed my hair i wouldn't say dye i would say put every stripping product on my hair just to get the red out so i can go blonde. it didn't work as much as i hoped its got blonde highlights but the rest is just ginger well i wouldn't even say ginger its ORANGE. so anyway i'm in the process of repairing my hair so i can get it bleached and my hair wont fall out. i haven't got really damaged hair it just needs a but of TLC so i have to condition and treat my hair more often. so yea my point is ........i don't really have a point actually just a statement. my hair is a mess right now so this bible is helping me alot. 
Thanks angels xox

Aussie Angel

So i'm officially an aussie angel wings n all im soo happy and grateful to be one. 

look out for more aussie post.

MIM xxx 

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