Where I've been

Instead of me explaining where i've been for the past million months i will show you i've been working like crazy and fitting everything in between shifts and my blog just got pushed to the side for a while but don't worry i haven't forgotten about it.

I'm off sick today cause i have that bug that's making its way around :( so i thought instead of lying in bed feeling sorry for myself i will do some post :D

so here is where i've been for the past few months
                                (Went to see fake that at the Village in hyde for my mums birthday)
                                         (The Aussie Aussome Volume tribe 60's themed event)

                          (Meteor shower watching we sat out in the cold for 3 hours and saw 1)

                               (Drinking pink in my mums friends garden having a chin-wag)

                         (I went on my second holiday of the year to majorca with the family)

                                                             (Friends 19th in town)
                  (I met Ronald Mcdonald at work -see there are some perks you get to meet a creepy clown)
                                                        (Played hide-n-seek with Ronald)

                                      (Tried to be a not so convincing Hippie at a works party)
             (Said goodbye to a friend -believe it or not i didn't touch a drop of alcohol that night)

(Went to Alton Towers for the millionth time had the best time ever)

(Become an Official Aussie Angel)
I'm having trouble putting it on my side bar atm it keeps disappearing :( 

And also I'm attempting to change the colour of my hair i'm going blonde i love the colour but all the red that's in my hair its driving my mad but i will not give up then i'm getting hair extensions because my hair is far too short.

I got an Iphone4 aswell i love it best phone i have ever had so glad i didnt get the 3gs.

I shall be back this week with more post bare with me whilst i sort my blog out its driving me crazy at the moment any suggestions welcome :D

MIM xx

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