FACE WEEK: Johnson's baby moisturiser

When i first bought this i was worried it wouldn't be a good moisturiser. i was skint and it was £3 so anything would do. my face was in desperate need of moisture after the winter we had. 

I loved it. my face got a bit clearer and softer i was thinking wow. its amazing for the price i paid. 
But i stopped using it for a week and that's when things when slightly down hill. i started using it again and it just didn't do anything. it was just another product sitting on my face, that was the last thing i wanted another product with no purpose clogging up my pores on my face. 

The texture is quite thick although you don't need much to cover your face and even your neck. 
                                                             This is how much i use.
I know it's for baby's but on the back it reads " gently moisturises skin leaving it perfectly baby soft. clinically proven mild enough to use on face and all over baby skin." so if it says it's good enough then it must be...right?
i mean i only had one break out whilst using this and i put that down to stress. it didn't react with my skin at all.
All in all i think that for £3 its a good short term product, you know the moisturiser you buy in between saving up for that must-have expensive one.

So i'm still on the look out for "the one"
Face products just don't seem to work for me neither do any hair products but thats another story :D

Thanks MIM.


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  1. I'm also on the look for " the one", like you! I always have itchy and dry skin in the winter and I need a great moisturizer. No matter how much I moisture, no cream seems to do it! I should try this baby moisturizing cream since it's so inexpensive (=