Face Week.

Okay so I'm back. I was just struck with inspiration about half an hour ago when i was cleaning my face. Hence the title for this post.
So this week i am going to review 5 face products for you. all but one that i have used for over 4 months.
Tonight i am going to start with my skin. it has taken me a while to figure out what sort of skin type i have, oily, dry, normal, combination. it kept changing so i just said combination but as months have gone past i actually started to look at my skin and take notice of how oily or dry my face actually is. my skin is dry and sensitive. I've always known i had sensitive skin. especially with Nivea products i break out really bad with anything from their line. but i didn't think i had dry skin. but i haven't got oily skin any more. that i know of anyway i could be wrong.

All the way through high school i had spots bad. not as bad as other people but every morning i had a new spot on my face. FRUSTRATING i know. it carried on for another year after i left. i suppose working at mcdonalds doesn't help in anyway. in the past 1 or so my skin has cleared up so much. and now i rarely get spots. i have a lot of blackheads and blemishes but spots appear when im stressed and that's it or when i have my eyebrows or top lip waxed.

i hate my face without makeup i look like a completely different person and don't post pictures without foundation on but i don't think this post will make sense without showing you what my skin looks like.

i know its not that bad but i just want to find a way to clear all the blemishes and get rid of blackheads.

                ^^^these spots are my stress spots that visited my yesterday :(

so if any of you can help in any thing. like what skin type i am, how to clear my skin up etc please leave a comment. 

Keep posted throughout the week for what products i have been using. 

MIM xx

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  1. If your skin is sensitive but combo dont keep changing products, and remember to not use 'spot' clearer products, most of the time these type of products do more harm than good. The only thing i can suggest as a spot suffer, is just to do as usual, take all makeup off, scrub once a week, face mask every 2 and just keep your face clean as much as you can, and moisturise too. Spots are a pain but if you keep it clean for a long time eventually they will go. Its always about cleaning not clearing.